"Don’t do it on your side!" This hot search has made many netizens panic …

present life

Almost everyone can’t live without a mobile phone.

Do you usually lie on your side and play with your mobile phone?

Many people go to bed or get up.

The habit of lying on your side and playing with your mobile phone for a while

Play mobile phone on your side for a long time

The potential damage to the eyes is not small.

Will cause transience.

Blurred vision, ghosting, tears

Myopia may induce myopia to deepen rapidly.

It may also cause a large difference in vision between the eyes.

Form anisometropia and correct poor eyesight.

Yesterday, a story about

The topic of "lying on your side and playing with your mobile phone" rushed to the hot search.

Caused a hot discussion among netizens.


Lie on your side and play with your mobile phone

Myopia in the right eye

The thing is, some netizens sent a video calling on everyone not to play with their mobile phones on their side. He told everyone with personal experience: "I was not nearsighted, but because I often play with my mobile phone on my side and always go to the right, today my eyesight test said that I was nearsighted on my right side. The doctor told me not to lie on my side and play with my mobile phone, otherwise my left eye vision will also drop, and I may squint! "

This has aroused the resonance of netizens, who have told their own personal experiences:

The harm of lying on your side playing with your mobile phone

Myopia deepened

Lying on your side and playing with your mobile phone has the greatest pressure on your eyes!

Mobile phone screen is small, the distance is closer, the ciliary muscle is more difficult to work, which is easy to cause ciliary muscle spasm, which can easily lead to visual fatigue and even aggravate myopia.

It only takes about a month, and the eyesight of both eyes will be deviated, and what’s more, strabismus will occur!

(It is even more undesirable to turn off the lights and play with your mobile phone! It will only aggravate the above symptoms. )

Suggestion: Choose a light source with sufficient brightness and pay attention to the rest of your eyes. When playing mobile phone on your back, the height of the pillow should be slightly lower than that on your side to ensure the natural curvature of the spine.

Easy to cause acute glaucoma

Many people like to turn off the lights and play with their mobile phones before going to bed. In a dark environment, in order to see things better, the pupils will be dilated and the lenses will become convex (to adapt to the dark environment and adjust the near focus), and the intraocular pressure may increase.

The increase of intraocular pressure and the blockage of aqueous humor lead to a sharp increase of intraocular pressure and induce acute angle-closure glaucoma. Acute angle-closure glaucoma is often accompanied by obvious eye pain, decreased vision, ipsilateral migraine, nausea and vomiting.

Suggestion: When using the mobile phone at night, you should turn on other light sources to ensure a bright environment.

Beware of atlantoaxial sprain

Xiao Chen, a 26-year-old girl from Hangzhou, was diagnosed with "atlantoaxial joint sprain" because she was lying playing with her mobile phone for a long time, causing frequent dizziness.

According to the doctor, this disease is related to her poor posture all the year round. Xiao Chen likes playing with his mobile phone very much. He leans on the sofa during the day and plays in bed at night, often for two or three hours. She often lies down and watches TV plays, sometimes for four or five hours. High-intensity paper rushing for two months in a row aggravated the progress of the disease.

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"The cervical spine is a bridge between the human body and the brain. If there is a problem with the cervical spine, the head will be affected, and problems such as dizziness, headache, numbness of limbs and unstable blood pressure will follow. Among them, the atlantoaxial joint is located at the uppermost layer of the spine, and it is the connecting part of the medulla oblongata and the spinal cord. If there is dislocation or sprain, it will directly affect the brain, which in turn may affect all organ functions of the whole body. "

Headache-decreased immunity

Playing mobile phone can not only damage human eyes and cervical vertebrae! Our brain is actually an object of attack!

Under the dual effects of visual content and blue light on the screen, the brain will be in a relatively excited state. For a long time, because the brain does not get enough rest, symptoms of dizziness and migraine may occur.

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Which position to play mobile phone in?

Little harm?

Life Times gives a correct posture for playing mobile phones. While minimizing the time spent watching mobile phones, we should pay attention to maintaining a good posture and reducing the negative effects brought by mobile phones.

The best posture to play with mobile phone is: sitting up, sitting up straight (protecting lumbar vertebrae), and placing the mobile phone in front of the eyes at the same height (protecting cervical vertebrae), more than 33 cm away from the eyes.

But it’s tiring to keep your arms straight, so you can use the desk board and mobile phone bracket (to protect your shoulders). In addition, the screen should not be too bright, and it is not recommended to use the mobile phone for a long time in a dark environment.

If you really can’t do this best posture, get as close to it as possible. If you can sit upright, don’t sit askew, if you can look straight, don’t bow your head, if you can sit, don’t lie down, if you can lie flat, don’t lie on your side, and so on. The harm of poor posture to the body is a long-term accumulation process. Today, we are kind to the body, and tomorrow the body will repay the kindness.

Seeing this,

Hurry up and correct your mobile phone posture!

Finally, remind everyone

It is best to change the habit of never leaving your mobile phone.

Talk to your family more.

This is the most healthy lifestyle.

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