Father finished the marathon with his dead daughter’s passport: fulfilling her unfinished wish.

  At the recent Wuxi Marathon, a father was particularly eye-catching. He held his daughter’s passport and saluted the photographer when he met him. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the father’s daughter died in a car accident in Wuxi in early March. In order to fulfill his daughter’s wish to run the first marathon, more than half a month later, the father sorted out his emotions and took his daughter’s passport to the end of the marathon. On April 6, the man from Beijing told the reporter of Beiqing Daily about this marathon full of special significance, as well as his wishes and regrets with his dead daughter.

  In Wuxi in spring, the breeze blows and cherry blossoms fall everywhere. On March 25th, the Wuxi Marathon started with guns fired, and the contestants wore pink uniforms and easily entered the stage. Among the cheerful contestants, a middle-aged man’s cheeks were red and his expression was particularly dignified. Every time he met a photographer, he saluted and held up a passport, hoping that the photographer would take his picture. After 42.195 kilometers, he received 98 photos taken by the official Wuxi Marathon.

  The man named Bai Yang (a pseudonym) lives in Tongzhou, Beijing and has two daughters. What he held up on the runway was not his own passport, but his eldest daughter Yang Yue’s. Not long ago, 23-year-old Yang Yue died in a car accident in Wuxi.

  Yang Yue majored in international tourism and Korean at university. She had already obtained her passport, and originally planned to go to South Korea for postgraduate study in September this year. Because she loved the scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, Yang Yue begged her father to take her to run the Wuxi Marathon, which was the first marathon that Yang Yue signed up for. At that time, Poplar readily promised, but unexpectedly it became an unfinished wish.

  Bai Yang recalled that Yang Yue had been an intern in Wuxi and Kunshan for more than a year. In Wuxi’s company, she often works overtime until late. Although the internship was hard, Yang Yue never gave up easily, but she persisted in studying and was admitted to graduate school. At 3: 50 am on March 4, Yang Yue worked overtime as usual. After work, she was suddenly hit by a car accident 0.65 km away from her residence.

  After losing Yang, Bai Yang has always taken her passport with him. If she misses her, take it out and have a look. This marathon is no exception. Looking at her daughter’s face in the photo, Bai Yang can still remember that Yang Yue had "rock climbing" on his back when he was a child, pointing to the moon at sea and whispering. During the Qingming Festival, he thought of his daughter’s promise that she would be good to you in the future from time to time, and he couldn’t help being speechless.

  This is the first time that Poplar has come to Wuxi. After running the marathon, Poplar decided to stay a little longer. In the morning, he ran on Yang Yue’s way to work as an intern. At this time, the scenery in Wuxi was beautiful, but he couldn’t run into his eyes. This 13-kilometer road was particularly long for poplar.


  Running a marathon with a passport is only to fulfill my daughter’s wish

  Yesterday, Bai Yang told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that he wanted to do something meaningful for his daughter and himself with his favorite marathon, and he didn’t want his daughter to see her decadent "bear dad" in heaven. Although he has fulfilled his daughter’s marathon wish, he still has regrets for her. For the future, Bai Yang said that he would take his family out of the pain and face it positively.

  Don’t want to be a "bear dad"

  Beiqing Daily: How did you think of running a marathon in this form at that time?

  Poplar: I have been locked in my daughter’s house these days, staying quietly, watching and thinking about her. I have also hinted to myself that I should stop being sad and choose to forget, but I still miss my daughter silently. I hope that time will be faster so that I can stand up from the beginning. Finally, I still use my favorite marathon to do something meaningful for my daughter and myself, and I don’t want my daughter to see the decadent "bear dad" in heaven.

  Beiqing Daily: Running with a passport, there must be a lot of friendly running, right?

  Poplar: At first, some runners were surprised because they didn’t know the situation, but when they found out later, they all sent them to comfort and encourage me, and affirmed my actions, and were moved by the story of my daughter and me. They told me, "Come on, Poplar", "Hold on, Brother" and "Brother is strong".

  Beiqing Daily: What did you think of when you finished the marathon?

  Poplar: The thought of every step and every kilometer left her with a beautiful passport. I want to tell my daughter, "Dad made it to the finish line and finished the race safely". But at the end, I really couldn’t help it, and I shed tears all over my face.

  Just to fulfill my daughter’s last wish

  Beiqing Daily: This is not your first marathon, is it?

  Poplar: I’m 48 years old. It’s my 13th marathon. I have been to many cities after running a marathon. Every time I come home from a marathon, my wife and eldest daughter will be so happy that they will go out for a delicious meal and welcome me. I will also buy some local specialties or souvenirs for them, and the family will be happy.

  Beiqing Daily: How did you run this time? Do you find it difficult?

  Poplar: This is the worst marathon I’ve ever run, because I’m in a bad state and I haven’t got out of the shadow of the child. Running for 30 kilometers was really exhausting, but I didn’t give up. Although it is slow, it is a very meaningful attitude and action for me.

  Because I came with my daughter’s last wish to run the Wuxi Marathon, and I took my daughter’s passport to fulfill her unfinished wish with the cherry blossoms in full bloom. This may be the strongest and bravest belief, because the marathon can only persist and move forward.

  Keep running with your daughter’s passport.

  Beiqing Daily: Do you have any regrets after fulfilling your daughter’s wish?

  Poplar: My daughter likes cities in the south of the Yangtze River. She originally planned to take her daughter back to Wuxi, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Yangzhou, which she loved. This is a pity.

  Beiqing Daily: Did you contact Yang Yue before her accident?

  Poplar: We have WeChat communication every day, asking her how long she needs to work overtime and when she will get home. On the day of the child’s accident, I was on a business trip in Hefei, and I didn’t even see her for the last time. Parting without farewell is a regret for me, and voice chat is my last words.

  Beiqing Daily: Do you have anything special to say to Moon?

  Poplar: I miss her very much. I hope there will be a stronger, happier and happier daughter in heaven. I will take my family out of this pain and cherish everyone who loves me and I love. I will continue to run on the marathon track with my daughter’s passport, but in the future I will let time dilute the pain and face my family, everyone and tomorrow happily.

  This group/reporter Zhang Xi for the picture/Poplar