DouYu’s "Traffic Poverty Alleviation" has fully launched netizens to "buy while watching" Hubei specialties

  "I’ll buy it first, help yourself" and "Tujia bacon, it’s arranged" … … On March 19th, Betta Fish’s "Public Service Anchor Group" was officially launched to help the poor. Qian Xiaojia, the anchor of Betta Fish online celebrity, came to Hefeng, Enshi, Hubei Province to promote local agricultural products. Netizens in the live broadcast room enthusiastically placed orders. In the three or four hours of live broadcast, nearly 30,000 people placed orders online, which was in short supply. Up to now, the orders for local specialty smoked bacon have been scheduled for December next year.

  (Betta anchor Qian Xiaojia is broadcast live in Daxi Village Tea Garden)

  Before it arrived, the betta water friend had stuffed his shopping cart to the brim. It’s just that these commodities are different from ordinary commodities. They are "flow poverty alleviation products" that DouYu cooperates with poor villages. Since the establishment of the "Public Service Anchor Group" in DouYu, the "Traffic Poverty Alleviation Campaign" has been launched, and e-commerce has been innovatively introduced into the live broadcast to help poor areas get rid of poverty in depth by "watching and buying". After selection, DouYu chose Hefeng, Enshi, Hubei Province as the targeted assistance location for "flow poverty alleviation", and Qian Xiaojia, the betta anchor, became the designated promotion anchor in Hefeng County through registration and selection.

  On March 19th and 20th, Qian Xiaojia, the betta anchor, together with the local tour guide, led the netizens to feel the beautiful scenery of Pingshan Grand Canyon, and constantly promoted the local agricultural products to the water friends in the live broadcast room: "Take a look at this bacon, which is made by the villagers themselves. There are only so many in one family, so buy it first, get it first." The poverty alleviation products promoted by Qian Xiaojia include homemade smoked bacon, selenium-enriched tea and farm honey, which are all important channels for local villagers to obtain economic resources. The instantaneous peak heat of the two live broadcasts was 23.1568 million. Betta anchor Qian Xiaojia helped the villagers in Daxi Village of Hefeng sell 1,061 Jin of farm bacon, 788 Jin of Enshi selenium-enriched tea and 123 Jin of farm honey in real time, which brought hundreds of thousands of yuan to the local villagers and sold out the agricultural products in stock. At present, a large number of reservation orders have been made, among which the order volume of specialty smoked bacon is scheduled for December 2020.

  (Betta anchor Qian Xiaojia is watching the "fried tea" process)

  (Betta anchor Qian Xiaojia shows "farm smoked bacon" to netizens in the live broadcast room)

  By the end of 2017, the number of poor people in Hefeng County was 5,438 households with 15,992 people, and 18 poor villages had not taken off their hats. The remaining poor villages and poor people are poor in poverty and trapped in poverty. Due to the limited sales channels, lack of brand awareness, lack of e-commerce operators, lack of publicity awareness and other factors, local villagers have long faced sales problems of agricultural products.

  It is reported that on March 8, the first "public welfare anchor group" in China was established in Betta Company. More than 100 anchors from all platforms volunteered to participate in the "Traffic Poverty Alleviation Campaign" organized by DouYu. Under the organization of the platform, the anchors will provide "one-on-one" long-term fixed-point assistance to poor areas according to their own wishes and live broadcast characteristics. DouYu innovatively introduced the e-commerce platform into the live broadcast room, so that the majority of netizens can truly "buy while watching the live broadcast".

  (Betta live broadcast room online "fish purchase" to achieve "buy while watching")

  This "Flow Poverty Alleviation Campaign — — Hefeng Station is just one of the stops in DouYu’s "Traffic Poverty Alleviation Campaign". Later, anchors will be organized to go to poor villages in Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Fujian and other places to help local villagers increase their income with the power of traffic, so that poverty alleviation can go beyond publicity.