Chery tiggo 9 car super comfortable version released, starting from 174,900 yuan.

IT House reported on April 23 that Chery’s Tiggo 9 ultra-comfortable car was released today.There are two versions of the car: the "Super Comfort Edition" and the "Super Comfort Edition", and the price is 174,900 yuan and 177,900 yuan respectively..

The Tiggo 9 super comfortable car released this time comes standard with CDC "magnetic suspension" and 0-gravity extrasensory co-driver, while adding a new elegant twilight purple interior.

The key contents of the car attached to the IT House are as follows:

On the basis of stable price, the ultra-comfortable version of Tiggo 9 automobile is comfortable in driving and control.CDC "magnetic suspension" is standard.. The suspension is equipped with 5 vehicle state monitoring sensors+4 electromagnetic shock absorbers+1 controller. By intelligently and steplessly adjusting the hardness and softness, it can realize millisecond response in different road conditions, adjust the body posture in real time, and maintain the stability of the vehicle.

At the same time, the vehicle adopts a variety of soft connection vibration isolation technologies to improve the vibration isolation ability and reduce the impact, so that the whole vehicle can be in a comfortable driving state at any time and achieve "super stability and comfort".

In addition, the ultra-comfortable version of Chery Tiggo 9 adopts the power combination of "Kunpeng Power 400T+Aisin 8AT" or "Kunpeng Power 400T+Magna 7DCT Wet powershift".The maximum power is 192kW, the peak torque is 400N?m, and the "zero hundred" acceleration time is 8 seconds..

The car is equipped with a full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system.Equipped with L2.9 intelligent assisted driving system, it supports NOC Chery automatic navigation assisted driving and AVP autonomous parking service function..

Chery Tiggo 9 Super Comfortable EditionIt comes standard with 0 gravity extrasensory copilot.. The co-pilot supports the functions of seat electric adjustment, memory, heating, ventilation, electric adjustable lumbar support, leg support and pneumatic massage. The official said that "passengers can adjust their sitting posture at will".

In addition to the zero-gravity extrasensory co-driver, the car is also equipped with "Super Care" rear seat, "540 stereo extrasensory air conditioning" system, C-PURE green cockpit, intelligent fragrance system and SONY12 Yang surround sound.

In addition, the car body is 4820mm long and the wheelbase is 2820mm long. The official optimization is aimed at wind noise, tire noise and sound insulation. The interior space can be kept quiet and isolated from the noise outside the car.

Chery Tiggo 9 Super Comfortable Edition follows the family design of "soft light aesthetics" in appearance, and has design elements such as "light blade carving" front face, "waterfall grille", "eye of the stars" LED matrix headlights and "wave-breaking light and shadow" body.

The car adds "elegant twilight purple" color matching to the interior. The official said that with the 24.6-inch curved surface and 256-color waterfall melody atmosphere lights, the ultra-comfortable version of Chery Tiggo 9 can bring users a comfortable ride experience of "pleasing eyes" and "pleasing heart".

The price and discount of the car attached to IT House are as follows:


  • Chery Tiggo 9 Super Comfortable Premium Edition RMB 174,900 (Kunpeng Power 400T+7DCT)
  • Chery tiggo 9 car super comfortable exclusive edition 177,900 yuan (kunpeng power 400T+8AT)

The right to buy a car of Chery Tiggo 9 started the "surprise 6-fold gift" and "comfort version gift package" simultaneously. The specific contents of rights and interests are as follows:

6 chongli

  • Enjoy the car purchase gift: give the full purchase tax within a limited time (not shared with the replacement gift)
  • Enjoy the replacement ceremony: the replacement subsidy is 19,000 yuan (this product/other products are shared).
  • Enjoy the financial gift: the financial discount is up to 5,000 yuan.
  • Enjoy the warranty ceremony: the first owner has a lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle (non-operating owner)
  • Enjoy the flow ceremony: the first car owner has 5 years of free entertainment flow (unlimited flow)+free basic flow for life.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind: lifetime free road rescue+exclusive lifetime vehicle FOTA(Firmware Over-The-Air) upgrade.


  • Elegant twilight purple interior is given in a limited time (worth 2500 yuan)
  • A pair of super comfortable headrests in the front row (value 500 yuan)