Volvo "Fuel-efficient King" car is 5090mm long.

In the eyes of ordinary consumers, they still buy cars mainly to meet daily transportation, so they will pay more attention to practicality and practicality. There are many bright spots. Today, let’s talk about how it performs in terms of power. As for its advantages, please read on.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of Volvo S90 RECHARGE. The front face of Volvo S90 RECHARGE is sharp and looks very tough. Combined with headlights, it looks quite classy. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, automatic opening and closing, adaptive far and near light, automatic steering, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the side of the car, the body size of the car is 5090 mm * 1879 mm * 1453 mm. The car adopts domineering lines, and the side gives a very delicate feeling. With large-sized thick-walled tires, smooth lines run through the whole side of the car. In the rear part, the rear looks very atmospheric, and the taillights show a sporty design style, and the overall layout is impressive.

In terms of interior, the interior modeling of Volvo S90 RECHARGE looks sporty, reflecting the sense of design. The car looks very good outside the steering wheel, equipped with the functions of manual steering wheel up and down+front and rear adjustment, steering wheel heating, etc., and it is very fighting. From the central control point of view, the car is equipped with an avant-garde touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior style impressive and the overall design of the central control is remarkable. Let Xiaobian introduce the dashboard and seats. The dashboard of the car presents a fashionable and simple design style, and the shape takes the sports route. The car uses leather seats, and the seats are wrapped in place, which improves the riding experience of drivers and passengers.

Looking at the configuration, Volvo S90 RECHARGE is equipped with car networking, driving mode selection, remote control key, interior atmosphere light, traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.) and other configurations.

The car introduced today is not only eye-catching in space, but also has reached the mainstream level in various configurations, and there is nothing to be picky about driving experience and space experience. If you like, you can pay more attention to it!