"Large" Tank 300, Baoding "Guardian", a new generation of Haval H9 appearance articles

The first generation was officially launched in 2014, shouldering the heavy responsibility of impacting the high-end hard-core SUV market. Since its launch 10 years ago, Haval H9 has been deeply involved in the off-road field. With the development of the automobile industry, more and more cutting-edge technologies have entered the car, and our old friend Haval H9 has also made a new appearance. A new generation of Haval H9 has come to us with a brand-new look. Let’s get a close look through live shooting.

The appearance upgrade of the new generation HAVAL H9 is very obvious, which can be described as a big change. It adopts the popular "square box" shape, and the front of the car adopts a relatively thick chrome-plated front middle net with four thick grilles arranged in parallel, and the English logo "Haval" is integrated into it.

The headlight groups on both sides adopt a square profile shape, integrate a square light source with steering function, and are equipped with a circular LED daytime running light inside. The circular light group adopts a concave design, which can avoid being scratched or hit by flying stones when off-road.

Coming to the car side, the new generation Haval H9 adopts a straight waistline running through the whole car body, and you can see the square exterior rearview mirror, the conventional door handle and the brand-new 19-inch rim. The vehicle is equipped with a keyless entry function in the front row, the rim is designed in a blade style, and the vehicle side is also equipped with an electric side pedal and a roof rack.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the vehicle are 5070/1976/1930 mm and the wheelbase is 2850 mm respectively, which are all increased compared with the previous generation models, and the approach angle and departure angle of the vehicle are also improved, reaching 31 and 25 respectively, and the off-road trafficability is obviously improved.

The biggest change at the rear of the car is the taillight group. The new generation Haval H9 adopts two rectangular taillights arranged vertically, which is still a side door design, and provides an external spare tire or storage box.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation Haval H9 also has 2.5 tons of traction qualification, and provides trailer device and trailer power outlet options, which provides more possibilities for outdoor.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of more refitting enthusiasts, the new generation Haval H9 has reserved 10 refitting spaces, including detachable middle net, front/rear bumper, front/rear bumper lower guard, front winch position reservation, wheel eyebrows, suspended luggage rack, wading throat installation position reservation, auxiliary fuel tank installation point, etc.

In terms of power, the new generation Haval H9 will continue to use a 2.0T gasoline engine with a maximum power of 224 HP and a peak torque of 385 Nm, matching an 8-speed automatic gearbox. At the same time, a 2.4T diesel engine is added, with a maximum power of 184 HP and a peak torque of 480 Nm, matching the 9-speed automatic gearbox. The whole vehicle is equipped with seven driving modes, which are standard mode, sports mode, economy mode, snow mode, mud mode, sand mode and 4L mode, realizing all-terrain coverage.

In terms of chassis, the new generation Haval H9 will adopt the suspension combination of front double wishbone and rear multi-link, which is enough to cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions, and the whole system is equipped with Borgwarner TOD timely four-wheel drive system and MIock mechanical locking, supporting U-turn, low-speed off-road cruise and transparent chassis.

Editor’s comment: In the past ten years, Haval H9 has been deeply cultivated in the off-road field. With the aesthetic upgrade of consumers, the new generation of Haval H9 is also advancing with the times, bringing a brand-new square box design, and the off-road ability has also made great progress, which is an all-round improvement. As for the interior part, the interior of the new generation Haval H9 has not been announced, and we will officially announce it on April 24th, so stay tuned!