Avita focuses on the new era of going overseas and starts the process of globalization

In the tide of globalization, Chinese brands are entering the world stage with an unprecedented attitude. On May 16, the "Opportunity China · Brand Chongqing" embassy in China visited Chongqing and the "Opportunity China · Brand Chongqing" 2024 Land and Sea Financial Forum was grandly opened, and in-depth discussions and exchanges were held around "China’s development is the world’s opportunity". In this event, the new luxury brand Avita, with its excellent quality and high-tech strength, took on the important task of connecting the ambassadors of 9 countries in China and became the focus of attention.

Avita, as a bright new star in China’s automobile industry, has won high recognition from users at home and abroad for its unique charm and forward-looking technology. In this event, the "special car team for envoys" composed of 10 Avita 11 units made their debut, providing an unforgettable journey for the envoys in China with their high-tech, high-value and high-value luxury driving quality. This is not only an affirmation of the strength of the Avita brand, but also a praise for the development achievements of China’s automobile industry.

The envoys in China experienced the charm of the Avita brand up close at the Changan Automobile Global R & D Center. The just-listed 2024 Avita 11 has attracted everyone’s attention with its international design that complements originality and futurism. The disc-wing front face, the suspended body, and the fluid rear porthole, every detail highlights Avita’s pursuit of quality and exploration of the future.

In the automatic parking area, Avita showed its high-tech strength. Professional docents introduced Avita’s smart driving technology to the envoys in China in detail and invited them to experience it for themselves. The accurate and comfortable parking experience made the envoys in China praise Avita and express their high recognition of the Avita brand.

The reason why Avita can stand out among many brands is due to its in-depth strategic cooperation with Huawei. Empowered by the CHN model, Avita has always maintained the forefront and leadership of the brand in the field of smart driving, allowing users to experience the latest smart driving technology for the first time. This spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of quality is the key to Avita’s ability to win market recognition.

Globalization is an inevitable choice for the development of Chinese brands, and Avita is no exception. In 2024, as the first year of Avita’s overseas expansion, it will focus on three major overseas regions, successively landing in more than 30 countries in South East Asia and the Middle East, and plans to open up 90 + Avita official authorized stores. At the same time, Avita will also enter the European market and compete with the world’s top automobile brands. Through competition and exchanges with the international market, Avita will continue to improve its own strength and quality, and contribute more to the development of China’s new energy automobile industry.

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