The first batch of Jetway Traveler 7-seat version exposed, 2.0T+ four-wheel drive, began to compete with Ford Fierce Horse.

At present, the competition between four-wheel drive suvs in the domestic market is very strong, especially between urban SUVs and hard-core off-road SUVs. Although the overall version and type are different, there are cushions at present, and the off-road capability of matching urban SUVs with off-road configuration is gradually enhanced. At present, the first batch of 7-seat versions, the exposure model is matched with 2.0t, and this model has begun to compete against hunting demons. Ford Fierce Horse is a standard hard-core off-road SUV. However, from the overall appearance and gas field of the model, the 7-seat version of the new generation has formed a certain competitiveness with Ford Fierce Horse. The two models have a certain overlap of consumer groups and each has its own advantages.

Jetway traveler 7-seat edition

In terms of design modeling, the overall style of the two cars has the same design elements, which are mainly hard-core off-road and suv design concepts, and the overall lines are relatively hard-core. However, Ford Liema prefers professional hard-core off-road SUVs to provide professional off-road tires, and the overall chassis height is very exaggerated, while Jietu travelers prefer the hardware equipment of urban SUVs.

For the younger generation of consumers, both Ford Hunting Horse and Jietu Traveler are very competitive, but the consumer groups are different. Ford Jorge Lema is a 300,000-class hard-core off-road suv in China. The comprehensive cost performance and attractiveness of the market are relatively strong, and the 7-seat version of Jetway Traveler is also cost-effective as a 200,000-class model.

At present, a new generation of Jetway travelers adopt a brand-new appearance kit, which is more competitive than the old models. As a 7-seat model, it will take into account the car demand of families who just need it, and the overall space performance and space utilization rate will be more prominent. Of course, Jetway travelers have more advantages as urban SUVs in terms of space performance and overall comfort, especially in the long-distance driving process, the characteristics of urban SUVs are still very distinctive.