569 allocated children were not admitted due to computer failure. Puning, Guangdong: Admission was based on the allocation before the failure.

  CCTV News:According to "Jieyang released" WeChat WeChat official account news, the investigation team on enrollment and allocation of private compulsory education schools in Puning issued the "Notice on Investigation and Disposal of Enrollment and Allocation of Private Compulsory Education Schools in Puning in 2023" as follows:

  On July 24,PuningThe city held the computer allocation for the enrollment of private compulsory education schools in 2023, and the computer failed during the allocation process. After the reallocation, some students who had been allocated before the failure were not admitted, which led to people’s letters and visits and public concern. After the situation occurred, the Puning Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attached great importance to it and quickly set up an investigation team on enrollment and allocation of private compulsory education schools in Puning to investigate the relevant situation. Up to now, the investigation has been basically completed, and the relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

  At 15: 50 on July 24th, the computer of enrollment and allocation of the Municipal Notary Office broke down, and the on-site staff and technicians were unable to repair the computer, so the admission work was interrupted. Because the admission process was not completed, the technicians and notaries, under the supervision of the relevant personnel at the scene, started the new computer to reassign places according to the allocation procedure, and completed the enrollment and allocation work at 17: 20 on the same day.

  After careful investigation by the investigation team, the cause of the failure has been found out, which is that the instantaneous current is too large due to the short circuit of the printer power cord, resulting in the failure of the computer motherboard and the failure to boot normally. After the third party company (Fujian Meiya Baike Judicial Appraisal Center) repaired the bad track of the storage hard disk, the assignment data file has been exported. Through investigation and identification, after the failure, the Municipal Education Bureau and the Notary Office did not do a good job in emergency treatment in time. The whole process excludes subjective and human factors, which belongs to force majeure accidents.

  After careful study, in order to do a good job in people’s satisfaction education, ensure fair, open and just enrollment process, and properly solve the problem of assigning school-age children a degree before computer failure, the investigation team put forward the following treatment opinions:

  1. By comparing the pre-failure allocation data with the post-failure allocation admission data, 817 school-age children were allocated before the failure, and 569 children were not admitted after the failure. 569 school-age children were assigned to schools before the failure, and the type of admission degree was private degree students. The Municipal Education Bureau took the lead in organizing the admission of private schools.

  2. 248 school-age children who were admitted to different schools before and after the failure were admitted with the result of reassignment after the failure.

  Three, the relevant staff accountability, according to the relevant provisions of the implementation of processing.

  Next,PuningThe city will earnestly do a good job in the enrollment of compulsory education schools, ask the broad masses of the people to care for, support and understand education, form a good atmosphere for all sectors of society to care about Puning education, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Puning education.