The brand-new design of the new M5 was unveiled, and the finale of Huawei’s HarmonyOS Ecological Spring Communication Conference was announced.

I believe that friends who are concerned about the automobile circle and science and technology circle must be concerned about Huawei’s ecological spring communication meeting in HarmonyOS. At this meeting, the official announced that the new M5 series will be officially released on April 23rd. Different from the previous styles, the new M5 series in the field of front face design has been completely refreshed, showing a more unique and fashionable appearance. With its outstanding all-round strength in the market, the cash series has always been favored by users, and this renewal will undoubtedly bring new surprises and experiences to users.

The new M5 series attracted the attention of many young people with its unique design. Through the exclusive blackened logo, sports kit and blackened double five sports wheels, with red sports calipers, this car visually shows its unique sports attributes and evokes endless driving desires. What’s even more surprising is that the new version of the new M5 in Wenjie has also launched an exclusive red appearance, which perfectly caters to young people’s pursuit of vehicle personality expression and sports attributes.

The cash M5 is not only a car, but also a model of intelligent technology. Through OTA upgrade, it constantly brings new experiences to users. The high-order intelligent driving function that does not rely on high-precision maps has been realized, covering almost all roads in the country, allowing consumers to enjoy the free journey of "smart driving all over the country".

In high-speed driving, the sudden construction environment may make many drivers feel unprepared. The M5 will monitor the lateral direction in real time. When the obstacles on the side of the road are detected to have collision risk, the system will automatically trigger the lateral obstacle collision prevention (LOCP) and intervene in the direction, thus avoiding the panic of some novice drivers and ensuring the safety of driving.

As an SUV that combines advanced intelligent driving function and active safety technology, the M5 series of Wenjie has been praised for its excellent performance and reliable safety. And the upcoming new M5 is even more exciting. In addition to its refreshing appearance, it is believed that it will once again lead the industry trend in terms of intelligent driving and safety performance, bringing users a brand-new driving experience.