15-year-old boy writes novels to earn money to treat his mother (Figure)

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Zuo Dunping and Implication took a group photo.

    Beijing published a book, Xiaogan moved to heaven and gradually recovered.

    Zuo Dunping wanted his son’s value to be reflected and began to actively look for publishing institutions. Since then, Zuo Dunping’s important job every day is to drag his sick body and carry 3 kilograms of multiple printed manuscripts around Hefei to find a publishing house. However, it is difficult to write a book, and it is even more difficult to publish a book!

    Until the second half of last year, Mei Zihan, a middle school classmate Zuo Dunping had not seen for more than 20 years, suddenly called and told Zuo Dunping that he would visit her in Hefei by the way after returning to his hometown in Lujiang from Beijing. Zuo Dunping was very ill at that time. She said, "Thank you for your kindness. I don’t want my illness to affect your mood." The students were anxious. "If you live well, we won’t see you. If you don’t live well, our husband and wife will stay in the four-star Marriott Hotel opposite your home for 10 days and wait for you!" When Mei Zihan saw that the former school beauty was tortured by the disease and weighed less than 50 kilograms, the famous lawyer in Beijing held her hand and cried.

    When Mei Zihan learned everything about her classmates, she was greatly praised after reading The Adventures of A Feng. "I have a friend who happens to be in the publishing house. Let me try and try my best to make this love of my children blossom and bear fruit!" This classmate brought a copy of the manuscript back to Beijing and handed it to China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House. A responsible person knew the implied story and couldn’t help sighing that a teenager was so filial. After reading the manuscript, the responsible person immediately decided to publish it. The editor in charge of the book called Zuo Dunping in April this year and said, "The extraordinary life of a young boy is shocking. Although it is a magic novel, the author’s own behavior is a resounding declaration of life to fight adversity, make people cry and inspire their fighting spirit. This draft has selling points, highlights and propaganda points!"

    Because the publication of the book involves procedures such as book number copyright, the author has to pay part of the money first and sign a publishing contract. The money to be spent in the early stage was quietly paid in advance, but Zuo Dunping was not told. When Plum Cold repeatedly called Zuo Dunping to bring his son to Beijing to sign a contract, Zuo Dunping declined. "The child is still in the critical period of the cultural class, and the senior high school entrance examination is about to take place. Once he is allowed to go to Beijing for scenery, he may develop his impetuous psychology and mistakenly think that writing a novel casually can also be used for living. Do everything for you. If I can’t get rid of your affection, I’ll let Implication remember it! " Finally, this novel was edited and designed by Mei Zihan at the end of May 2007. Cao’s dream has finally come true. According to the agreement, according to the sales situation, Cao is about to get a lot of money.

    On June 15th, Cao Xianyu received a parcel at school. When he opened it in wonder, it turned out to be a book sent to him by Beijing Publishing House. When he watched the manuscript turn into type, his scalp was numb with surprise. "God, this is not a dream, is it?" Cao Xianyu was the first to tell his mother the good news. Zuo Dunping held the child’s face in his hands and couldn’t help crying with joy. Students and teachers are also competing to circulate new books with ink fragrance.

    A farmer’s junior three student actually published a book in Beijing. Soon, this explosive news quickly spread to the nearby streets and hometown friends and relatives. They came to congratulate Cao Hanyu and his mother. After learning about it, a local business owner called Zuo Dunping many times and said, "Your husband can work in my business and handle all kinds of social insurance. I am responsible for the tuition fees from Cao Yu to the university!"

    Strangely, Zuo Dunping is determined not to tell his kind boss his address. The explanation of this woman with strong self-esteem is: "This society and relatives and friends have given us too much care. Although we still owe more than 90,000 yuan for medical treatment, our eldest son can get a little subsidy since he has gone to work. We have not reached the desperate situation. I really don’t want to owe too much love to the society. I am afraid that I will not have a chance to repay it in the future!" It turned out that my son’s school knew about Zuo Dunping’s family, which reduced a lot of expenses, and many people helped their family. These, their family all wrote down a note, saying that when their son grew up and had the ability, he would return them all.

    At present, 2000 copies of the first edition of this book have been sold out in 18 yuan. After learning this news, a book city in Anhui Province turned to Zuo Dunping and said that he wanted to plan a sales party for Cao’s signature, making a name for her son, but Zuo Dunping said: "The work is too immature, and the child’s road has just begun. We can’t let the noise, applause and flowers ruin his enterprising will!" Beijing publishing house and classmates repeatedly called Zuo Dunping to provide the bank card number so as to remit the manuscript fee to her son, but Zuo Dunping refused again: "Students have paid so much for their son’s publishing. If the manuscript fee is even a little small, please ask the publishing house to settle with the classmates who signed the contract. If you owe too much to your classmates, my heart will be uneasy."

    The publication of this book has strengthened Cao’s confidence in taking the road of writing. After the senior high school entrance examination this year, I was admitted to Hefei 28 Middle School with excellent results. From July 20th, he took advantage of the opportunity to look after a relative’s house, and wrote day and night. By August 9th, the sequel of A Feng’s Adventures with more than 100,000 words, A Feng’s Search for Mother, had been finished. After reading this manuscript, Zuo Dunping praised his son and said, "If The Adventures of A Feng is a child’s mental journey, A Feng’s Search for Mother is more mature and his works have more thoughts on reality."

    The person in charge of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House called many times after the book was published, saying that Cao Hanyu could go to Beijing if he wanted, and the publishing house would recommend the editing teacher to let him follow the study and creation. This time, Zuo Dunping decided to let his son go to Beijing with sequels, paintings and calligraphy works during the summer vacation, to receive instructions and discuss the publication of the second book. "It’s time for children to go to Beijing to broaden their horizons and accept new ideas." Although The Adventures of A Feng only earned more than 700 yuan in selling sample books in Hefei, Zuo Dunping was very pleased. "My son’s creative path has made me see hope and has enabled me to overcome my illness mentally. I used to sleep in a bed, and my mat was rotten, and my whole body was blistered. Now my blood sugar is under control, and coronary heart disease rarely occurs. I have not been hospitalized this year and my weight has recovered to more than 60 kilograms. I have to thank my son.

    I want to earn money for writing books after school to treat my mother.

    Cao Mengyin was born in a poor peasant family in Jinniu Town, Lujiang County, Anhui Province in 1992. In 1996, his mother Zuo Dunping suffered from hyperglycemia, which delayed medical treatment and caused many complications such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. Zuo Dunping became a veritable "medicine jar" at home. In order to facilitate Zuo Dunping’s medical treatment, Cao Jia left his eldest son to his grandmother’s care, moved his youngest son to Hefei, rented it near the south gate, and relied on Cao’s father to work to maintain this family. At the age of 9, Cao Hanyu borrowed from Hefei No.61 Middle School. In 2004, Cao was involved in Hefei No.61 Middle School.

    On December 25th, 2005, 43-year-old Zuo Dunping became ill again. In order to save money, after coming home from the hospital, my mother asked the doctor in the small clinic at the door of the house to help me with the intravenous drip. On that day, I had to hang three bottles of liquid medicine continuously. At that time, there was a bottle of water that my mother used to warm her hands. When it was cold, she put it on the table. The implication of concentrating on reviewing lessons when I was a nurse at home, I didn’t pay attention when I came to help my mother change the potion. I accidentally hung up the bottle of cold water as a medicine bottle. Soon, my mother was sweating and her face was blue, and her breathing was difficult and she was about to go into shock. Implication was so scared that he burst into tears and quickly pulled out the needle. He cried and shouted for help to his neighbor. Three hours later, the mother who was sent to a nearby big hospital for rescue returned to normal. Implication beats his thigh hard with his fist and scolds himself for being useless, which almost hurts his mother. That is, on that cold night in the hospital, Zuo Dunping had the idea of suicide for the first time: my existence would only add insult to injury to this poor and weak family, and the eclipsed life has lost its meaning … "Late at night, Zuo Dunping secretly pulled out the infusion needle and quietly waited for the arrival of death. Mother and son are connected to each other, which means that they found the danger in time. He quickly called the doctor and persuaded her over and over again: "Mom, life is your own. As long as you are willing to fight, no one can take it away. Mom, as long as you have a breath, we are a complete, happy and harmonious family! In 2008, I will also work to earn money to take you to Beijing to watch the Olympics! " Zuo Dunping burst into tears. She rubbed her son’s face over and over again, glad that she had such a filial and sensible son, and gave up the idea of suicide.

    "Dad’s burden is too heavy, and Mom’s mood is too bad. I have to share something for them." Cao Fuyin suddenly remembered that he could earn money by writing novels and help his mother buy medicine, so he said to his mother who was ill at home all day, "Mom, I have felt that I have rich imagination since I was a child. I want to write down these imaginations and write them into a book. Mom, you are in poor health and rarely go out. I want to let these words accompany you after writing, so as to improve your mood." Zuo Dunping didn’t care about his son’s ideas at first, but told him to concentrate on his studies and not to delay his homework.

    Cao Xianyu was afraid of making his mother angry, so he didn’t write novels at home and decided to write them in a loose-leaf book. Every day at school, he secretly tore off the loose-leaf paper and took it to school to write. In the summer vacation of 2006, Cao Yu stayed at home all day and kept writing. For juvenile implication, the biggest cost of writing a novel is time and health. Implication takes more than ten hours to write a novel. Because of excessive use of his eyes, his eyes feel swollen and painful and shed tears. Later, he really couldn’t stand it. He went to a small clinic nearby for medical treatment. The doctor told Implication very seriously that if he continued to work like this, his eyes would be severely nearsighted. After listening to the doctor’s words, Implication didn’t dare to touch the novel for a whole day, but at night, as soon as his brain entered the inner world of the characters in the novel, his hands began to itch, and he couldn’t stop, so he had to turn over and get up.

    That summer vacation, the whole person seems to be in a state of obsession and madness. He eats during the day and thinks about novels. Even sleeping and dreaming at night is also a novel character. He often wakes up in the middle of the night and suddenly thinks of any good words or plots, and immediately takes out papers and notes from under his pillow. Every time I finish a chapter, my mother is always the first reader, and my son’s novels bring infinite joy to my ailing mother. In this way, by August 24 of that year, the manuscript was completed, with 176 pages and 150,000 words. A Feng, the hero of the novel, has taken countless adventures and conquered countless monsters. In order to eliminate the immortal magic, A Feng has honed from a child who knows nothing to a hero who has extraordinary courage and eliminates evil. The plot of the novel is ups and downs, listing all kinds of monsters and demons and all kinds of magic reduction methods, and the imagination is very rich. Inside and outside the book, the same effect is achieved. A Feng’s mother is very great, but she is controlled. A Feng vows to save her mother even if she loses her life. In real life, the sensitive and introverted implication turns into the omnipotent Afeng in the book, galloping freely in the fantasy world, vowing to save his mother. (A Dai)

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