What if Apple’s mobile phone doesn’t have a sound display headset mode [Photo]

  Apple’s mobile phone is good to everyone, but there have been some problems, especially when the mobile phone has been repaired. There are some Apple phones that will display headset mode without headphones plugged in, and there is no sound in any software. What should we do if this happens? Then let’s take a look at the tutorial on this issue. After learning it, we can help you improve the situation, and also save you a lot of trouble and avoid sending the phone back to the factory for repair.

  What if Apple doesn’t have a sound display headset mode?

  It may be that the micro-switch of the earphone hole is invalid, or it may be that the earphone hole is wet with water, or there is a foreign body that causes the earphone mode.

  Try the following methods:

  1. Restart the phone or quickly plug and unplug the headset for many times until the headset mode is released.

  2. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to rotate and wipe the earphone plug and mobile phone jack (the plug or jack may be oxidized).

  3. Connect the headset to the interface, turn on the ipod to listen to music, then press Pause, press home button to return, turn off the iphone (without using other third-party software), pull out the headset, and then turn it on.

  4. If you don’t try several times successfully and it still doesn’t work, press and hold power home for hard restart, and then when a white apple appears, unplug the headset to release the headset mode.

  IPhone only vibrates, what if there is no sound?

  The settings on the iPhone are as follows:


  [Voice] The contents in the settings are as follows:

  Ring mode vibration

  Silent mode vibration

  Ringtones and reminders are also the loudest.

  But the phone still doesn’t ring.

  After many attempts, it turns out that here, just adjust the "mute button" and try again with someone else’s mobile phone.

  There is no sound in the speaker of Apple’s mobile phone, but there is sound in the earphone. What should I do?

  Apple 4s,16G, speakers have no sound, listening to music, watching videos and playing games are all silent. But there is a sound after plugging in headphones. There is a sound when the mobile phone answers the phone, so it can vibrate when the message comes. And sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not good. When it’s not good, it doesn’t respond by adjusting the volume on the side of the phone, that is, under normal circumstances. launch

  First of all, determine your hardware problem. If your mobile phone has not been dropped or flooded, it is estimated that it is a software problem. Especially if you escape from prison, you may have installed some "dirty" software, which will cause the receiver to fail or the speaker to fail because it is not properly tested or has bugs that conflict with the system, which is very common in Android system.

  Method of repair:

  First, you can try to delete the extra software on your mobile phone. General problems can be solved. Of course, delete the postscript and restart the phone. If it still doesn’t work, try to refresh the system. Under normal circumstances, software problems can be solved. Judging from your problem, it should be a software problem.


  In fact, it is not only Apple phones that will have this problem. Many Android phones are the same, but the operation methods of the two are not the same. Everyone should still understand their own methods. Once there is a problem with everyone’s mobile phone, find out the reason in time, and then solve it as soon as possible, so that it can be quickly restored to normal use. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, send them to after-sales maintenance in time. During the warranty period, you can repair them free of charge. If you exceed the warranty period, you need to pay a little maintenance fee.