BYD’s brand-new champion choice for 200,000 owners of Qin.

  BYD’s brand-new champion choice for 200,000 owners of Qin.

  In the past 2019, BYD has launched a number of brand-new products and redesigned products one after another, forming a brand-new and perfect product layout consisting of Dynasty series and E series, with both fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.

  With the listing of BYD’s brand-new Qin fuel/brand-new Qin EV, the brand-new Qin fuel can also enjoy the preemptive price of 59,900-76,900 yuan before January 25, 2020, and the price concessions are huge. The new Qin EV launched two models, luxury and distinguished, with official prices of 129,900 and 139,900 respectively. The new Qin EV model provides a 6-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty, a 8-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty for core components and a lifetime warranty for batteries; The new Qin Fuel Edition provides a 4-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty.

  Brand-new Qin fuel:

  Champion quality

  Leading the independent brand sedan market

  Qin is the pioneering work of BYD dynasty series, and it is an important strategic model for BYD to fight for compact cars. Since its launch in 2013, Qin has accumulated more than 200,000 car owners and users, and has a good market reputation. In fact, Qin really deserves the praise of "champion quality". In the "Automobile Quality Rankings" released by authoritative domEStic media this year, BYD Qin’s quality ranking is ahead of lexus es, Accord and other models. In the CRC (China Rally Championship), Qin DM won the SAE championship for many years in a row, which is a veritable "double crown" in the market and on the field.

  The brand-new Qin fuel/brand-new Qin EV will continue the champion quality and continue to make great strides towards the champion road through comprehensive product upgrades. Among them, the brand-new Qin Fuel is based on the forward research and development system, the world-class safety laboratory and the Industry 4.0 smart factory, and the parts suppliers, design/chassis adjustment and other aspects are strictly controlled, reaching the international standard quality.

  The new Qin fuel is the world’s first A-class car equipped with Bosch ESP 9.3 body electronic stability system, with a wheelbase of 2670 mm. The new Qin fuel and the new Qin EV are basically the same in design, and both adopt the family-style Dragon Face dragon face design, which has changed a lot compared with the old models, and is more fashionable and sharp, giving people a brand-new feeling. There are subtle differences in the design of the grille. The fuel version has a banner design and the EV version has a matrix closed grille layout.

  The brand-new Qin fuel is built on BYD’s all-engine and all-power platform. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.5L engine, with a maximum power of 80kW and a peak torque of 148N·m, which meets the national six emission standards. In terms of transmission system, it is matched with a 5-speed manual or CVT gearbox. In addition, the new Qin fuel/new Qin EV are equipped with BYD’s DiLink 2.0 intelligent network connection system, and the 10.1-inch rotating suspension central control screen is not absent, which is highly intelligent.

  Dragon face design, DiLink and rotating suspension central control panel are the latest achievements of BYD’s independent innovation in the field of design and intelligence, and are important signs of BYD’s products going up.

  The new Qin EV:

  Professional e-platform empowerment

  True endurance is not discounted.

  The new Qin EV is based on BYD’s self-developed E platform. The high-endurance version NEDC has a cruising range of 421km and a battery life of more than 100km after 15 minutes of charging. In addition, while the cruising range increases, the energy consumption per 100 kilometers is only 12.9kwh. It is worth mentioning that in the media’s endurance test of the new Qin EV, the actual endurance almost exceeded 500km, much higher than the official calibration of 421km, and the highest data even reached 628km.

  The body size of the new Qin EV has been slightly adjusted, and the wheelbase of 2670mm remains unchanged, but the body length has changed slightly. The changes brought about by the size adjustment are not only space, but also driving flexibility. However, in terms of suspension, the rear suspension is a common torsion beam dependent suspension in the compact family car market. Although the non-independent rear suspension of torsion beam is no better than the independent rear suspension, BYD has a strong Hans training team, which still shows a very good level on the whole. Undoubtedly, the technology-leading e platform has brought a great upgrade to the new Qin EV, and large space, long battery life, safety and intelligence are the highlights of the new Qin EV.