A rare living person in the entertainment circle, one month after the finale of The Knockout, Zhang Songwen sucked powder again.

The Knockout has been over for more than a month, but the popularity of this masterpiece is still not low. Even Xiaowu, who doesn’t have many scenes, has taken up business and was invited to promote a real estate.

The second creation of netizens behind the hot drama did not stop. Some people interpreted Xu Jiang’s lines in English, and the underworld became an elegant godfather.

When all the Goose Factory and Ku are still trying to promote the drama that they almost can’t broadcast, Tao has reached a very high level, where there is no delay in winning. An Xin and Gao Qiqiang’s second creation, two people face to face to eat, An Xin asked you so much to have dinner with me? Gao Qiqiang asked, do you want to hear the truth? An Xin said, that you speak, Gao Qiqiang said, think … When the music of chinese paladin 3 rang, the atmosphere was full.

Some people have also drawn a skiing action analysis chart of the crazy donkey’s "old sin" scene, and the netizens’ whole living ability can be said to be amazing to us.

Among them, the past works of the leading actors have also been turned out. They are really treasures. The Knockout finally made them angry and had a better chance.

Gao Ye, the actor of Sister-in-law Chen Shuting, has produced many works in recent years, but she is not lucky. Everyone’s attention in "Warm Holidays" is focused on Yao Chen and White. "Our Marriage" is broadcast, and everyone is paying attention to Bai Baihe and David; In "Obsessing Like a Shadow", the attention is not as good as the rough Chinese literature of the male master, and he also participated in "Hunting Crime Picture Book" and "Are you safe? ",but there is no high degree of attention.

Feng Bing, the actor of Chen Jinmo, was a soldier for 16 years. After receiving the script of The Knockout, he did a lot of homework and experienced prison life. He volunteered to join the group half a month in advance, and under the guidance of local villagers, he learned to be a fishmonger, fish and kill fish. Because he has no experience as a father, he went to the welfare home to look for real people and stories to enhance his sensibility.

Su Xiaowan, the actor of Qisheng Gao, studied in the United States and graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. When he played the piano, he was an elegant son. In the early stage, Qisheng Gao was a brother who hid his emotions, and later he was a frozen fish god of war who killed people without blinking an eye. This contrast shows us his acting strength.

Hong still plays the eldest sister-in-law, but for Zhang Songwen, Hong still plays the eldest brother. After all, Mr. Zhang Songwen doesn’t like exposure and heat, so we can only turn over the materials for a few years, but Zhang Songwen is getting more and more popular. At first, everyone was ripping off his "black history", for example, in "Living in the Heart", he danced square dance with his grandparents to let himself go, and in "Detective Arrived", he was embraced by Hans Zhang, and it turned out that Mr. Zhang Songwen was also greasy by Hans Zhang.

He played Wang Yu, the eunuch leader in Feng Taihou in Northern Wei Dynasty, and wore women’s clothes in The Strange Husband of Lapras. When he was young, his fingers were distinct, but when he was old, he became a fleshy hand.

Later, netizens found him very interesting. His replies in Weibo were very funny, and most of his usual Weibo also recorded what he saw and encountered in his life, and wrote some insights in his life. Today, he felt the beauty of nature in the field. In a few days, he was watching squirrels knocking on the glass for snacks. After work, he watched making rice noodles in Hengdian. He was really recording his life with Weibo, which was a rare living person in the entertainment circle.

When it was broadcast in The Knockout, Zhang Songwen’s acting skills were so good that some people said: I suggest you check Zhang Songwen, which is not like acting, and his Excellence is not limited to this role. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, he was detained as a teacher for his outstanding performance at school and became a performance teacher at the Performance Research Institute.

And he also worked as a director, reporter, co-ordinator, screenwriter and editor. He played a couple with Gong Huang Gong Li in Lan Xin Grand Theatre, and played Zhu Chaoyang’s father in the hit drama Hidden Corner.

There are many people who are popular. Apart from the works and Weibo, Zhang Songwen’s marital status has been guessed by netizens for two months, and Peilu Wang, the actor of Crazy Donkey, answered this question for everyone during the live broadcast-Zhang Songwen is married, his acting skills are good, and his three views are correct. The man who loves life is not left to 47 years old.

Some netizens who care about charity found that Zhang Songwen participated in many micro-public welfare projects. He helped many children with cancer, and when he was not angry, he was quietly glowing. Zhang Songwen hoped to reduce the exposure and heat and refused to accept any interviews. At present, his job is only to concentrate on filming, low-key and focused on acting. How can people not love him?