40 network anchors involved in pornography were permanently banned, involving 9 live broadcast platforms.

  Jinghua Times News (Reporter Zhang Sijia) Yesterday, the Beijing Cyber Culture Association held a press conference at the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Corps to inform the implementation of the "Self-discipline Convention of Beijing Webcast Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the self-discipline convention) since its implementation one month ago. The reporter was informed that 40 illegal anchors were permanently banned because the live content was related to pornography, involving six live webcasts, Cool Me, Pepper, Live Broadcasting, Yingke, 69 Show, Momo, Salted Egg Home and Black Gold Live Broadcasting.

  The list has been submitted to the Ministry of Culture.

  According to the person in charge of the Beijing Internet Culture Association, with the support of the Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps, the members of the Beijing Internet Culture Association formed a live content review committee, which reviewed the live videos and screenshots of the problem anchors and determined the first batch of illegal anchors in Beijing. The list involved 9 live webcast platforms and 40 anchors in Beijing. The webcasting platforms in Beijing will permanently ban the anchors on the list, and will not provide registration channels and live broadcast space. In view of the fact that the list involves personal privacy information such as ID numbers, the Association has submitted the list to the Ministry of Culture, which will issue it to the whole country after approval.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Network Culture Association, 40 illegal anchors were permanently banned because the live content involved pornography. The list involved six rooms, cool me, pepper, live broadcast, Yingke, 69 show, Momo, salted egg home and black gold live broadcast. 9 network platforms. The person in charge explained that the illegal anchor that was permanently banned will no longer be able to be an anchor on the platform of fulfilling the convention.

  Live smoking will be banned.

  "We can monitor an average of 4,000 anchors smoking in the live broadcast every day, and we will deal with it for 4 hours or more." Feng Yousheng, CEO of Yingke. com, said that if the anchor smokes during the live broadcast, it is difficult to define whether to smoke or take drugs in the video. Once the anchor is found to smoke during the live broadcast, the live broadcast will be stopped within 30 seconds. According to the degree of violation of the live broadcast content of the anchor, Yingke. com divides the list of illegal anchors into different levels, and will take measures such as blocking the number for 4 hours, 7 days, 30 days or blocking the account number and mobile phone device number.

  Feng Yousheng said that if it is determined that the female anchor deliberately carries out behaviors such as revealing her chest, the platform will permanently give her a title. For the content of obscene pictures, vulgarity and violence in the live broadcast process, the platform will take corresponding measures for the anchor. "The title is only one of the measures, and the circumstances are slightly warned. If there is content that endangers personal safety and social security, we will take alarm measures."

  It is reported that the Beijing Internet Culture Association will publish a list of illegal anchors on official website every month.