Sa Beining visited Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory and got a glimpse of China’s new speed of intellectual creation.

Recently, Sa Beining, the gold medal host of CCTV, visited Celeste Automobile Smart Factory, and personally participated in the manufacture of the M5 smart driving version of AITO. Fully automated production runs through the whole manufacturing process, bringing a visual feast of smart manufacturing to the audience. The story of making a car by little Cesare has attracted wide attention since it was broadcast on CCTV news new media platform.

It is reported that Sa Beining visited the Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory in Chongqing this time. The factory was built according to the "Industry 4.0" standard, with a detection accuracy of 5 threads (equivalent to the diameter of a hair), and a platform, flexible and transparent production line. It was once rated as the "Lighthouse Factory" in Chongqing in 2021, and it was a vehicle manufacturing factory with "China leading and world-class".

What kind of intellectual strength does Cyrus have that can attract the attention of authoritative media? What are the fun experiences of building a car?

threeBuild a car in minutes.

In Sailisi Liangjiang Smart Factory, it takes only 3 minutes to build a car, and it takes only 4 steps from a steel plate to a car.

First of all, the stamping equipment is started with one button, and under the premise of no manual intervention, the automatic stamping equipment will stamp the steel plate into automobile parts; Step 2, the sensor is accurately positioned, the welding equipment with 100% automation rate starts to work, the components of the automobile are closely connected, and the laser quality inspection is carried out through artificial intelligence visualization to ensure the safety of the automobile body; Step 3, the vehicle arrives at the dust-free workshop and undergoes three-layer painting and two-time baking with electrophoretic solution to ensure that the vehicle body is more rust-proof and corrosion-resistant; When other car companies are still stuck in the assembly steps of manually assembling internal accessories such as engines, seats and headlights, Liangjiang Smart Factory has completely adopted robot automatic installation, grabbing, positioning, seating and other processes, and a whole set of production processes can be completed in the production line of Liangjiang Smart Factory in just 3 minutes.

Celeste Liangjiang Smart Factory is based on digitalization and networking. Through the cooperation of more than 1,000 robots, from the raw material of a whole steel plate to a high-quality new car that meets the delivery standard, Celeste workers only need to switch buttons to control the machine, and rely on artificial intelligence to realize the whole vehicle manufacturing. Liangjiang Smart Factory has realized 100% automation of key processes and 24-hour on-line inspection of smart cars, greatly reducing the risk of human error, solving core technical problems, saving manufacturing costs and shortening manufacturing cycle, and improving the quality and accuracy of AITO series vehicles to an unprecedented height.

Relying on the leading strength of intelligent manufacturing, Sailis Automobile has launched three AITO series models in just one year. Based on the DE-i super intelligent electric drive technology platform, it comprehensively covers the extended range and pure electric technology routes, which can provide users with multi-scene travel experience and create a differentiated high-end smart luxury product matrix.

Force technology research and development innovation

The global manufacturing industry is accelerating the transformation to intelligence, and the traditional manufacturing technology and manufacturing concept have long failed to keep up with the needs of the times. Before the intelligent manufacturing became a consensus, Celeste Automobile had already begun to lay out the research and development of high-end electric vehicles, and the core R&D investment of AITO has exceeded 12 billion yuan. The Liangjiang Smart Factory is only a microcosm of Celeste Automobile’s move towards intelligence. The rising investment in R&D data shows the "great ambition" of Celeste Automobile anchoring intelligent intelligence.

Thanks to its strong technical research and development strength, Celestial Motors has launched a leading DE-i super electric drive intelligent technology platform, which has the industry’s first-class zero-acceleration, which can bring users stronger power, lower energy consumption and quieter driving experience; At the same time, the system can also continuously upgrade OTA to improve AI learning ability; With high safety, every cell in the CTP module design battery PACK adopts independent fireproof packaging technology, which really solves the anxiety of battery safety for users.

In addition, Celestial Auto and Huawei, the leading ICT company in the world, pioneered the deep cross-border integration of joint business. The two sides gave full play to their respective advantages, and jointly created the intelligent selection car AITO Wenjie series, which was well received by the market and users.

Leading the industry in speed.

In just one year, Cyrus and Huawei have successively launched three AITO series vehicles with their respective leading advantages in technical fields, achieving remarkable success of 1+1 > 2. AITO Jiejie series was officially delivered by owners on March 5, 2022, and by May 27, 2023, it took only 15 months to become the fastest new energy vehicle brand to reach the milestone of 100,000 vehicles off the assembly line.

The success of AITO Jiejie series is inseparable from the high-quality product strength endowed by the profound technical accumulation of Kailisi Automobile. AITO Jiejie M5 is positioned as an intelligent luxury electric drive SUV;; AITO asks M7 to be positioned as a luxurious and intelligent large electric SUV;; AITO asks the M5 pure electric version to be positioned as a smart luxury pure electric SUV. It comprehensively covers the extended range and pure electric technology routes, which can provide users with multi-scene travel experience and create a differentiated high-end smart product matrix. Within one year, AITO series models have won awards and certifications from many authoritative organizations and media for intelligence, driving control and safety by virtue of their outstanding performance. In the key index NPS (net recommended value of users), which reflects the evaluation of real users, the score is as high as 80, and it is constantly improving.

Sailis Auto actively lays out the future car intelligence, embarks on the development road of "software-defined car", and lights up the "wisdom tree" for AITO brand with more creative exploration and practice, and has achieved staged success. Celestial has put forward a new development plan, and the goal of the medium-term business plan is to be a Chinese-style new energy automobile head enterprise. The new starting point of AITO’s 100,000 vehicles indicates that Celestial has fully opened a new chapter of intelligence and networking. Celestial will give full play to its own advantages in intelligent manufacturing, use digital advanced technology, push automobile intelligent manufacturing to a higher goal, lead the rapid development of China’s own brands, and become the backbone of national manufacturing in the automobile industry.

At the same time, the delivery of the M5 advanced intelligent driving version has been started nationwide. The new car is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit 3.0 for the first time to create a "double intelligent ceiling", which interested partners can pay attention to.

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