Or 180 thousand? Byd Han DM-i tried to expose more roads, with horse brand tires+hidden door handles.

  As we all know, since the advent of DM-i technology, it has brought considerable sales for BYD. With the continuous promotion of DM-i, BYD’s DM models sold 38,771 vehicles in October, up 444.1% year-on-year. Among them, Qin PLUS DM-i (parameter picture) sold 17,393 vehicles and won the second place in the new energy sales list in October. At the same time, Song PLUS DM-i and Tang DM-i are also in short supply. As the flagship model of BYD, how can Han not be equipped with DM-i technology? A few days ago, more road test spy photos of BYD Han DM-i were exposed on the Internet, which may represent that this model is not far from the market.


  From the picture, the design of Han DM-i is highly similar to that of the current Han DM, and the front-face, large-mouth, medium-mesh grille adopts a dense bright silver lattice chrome-plated structure, which shows the momentum and luxury. The silver decorative strip called "Dragon Beard" above connects the matrix LEDs on both sides into a whole, which is very combative with the angular front surround. The shape of the four-door coupe and the design of the sliding roof, with hidden door handles and dense spokes, can effectively balance elegance and movement. It is worth mentioning that, unlike Song PLUS DM-i, Ma Pai becomes Jiatong, Tang DM-i’s Michelin becomes Jiatong, and Han DM-i is still equipped with Ma Pai MC6 series tires.



  The tail is covered with more camouflage, but according to the spy photos exposed before, the rear surround of the new car is expected to be dressed in a more layered shape, which is similar to the design concept of BYD Dolphin. Of course, the taillights in the picture are only in the state of trial loading. In the future, the taillights of new cars will continue to be designed in a penetrating way, and both sides will be integrated with what the official calls "Dragon Claw" LED strip, which is the finishing touch of the rear design, and the lighting effect is quite vivid. The "BUILD YOUR DREAMS" below brings people passion. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of BYD Han DM-i are still 4960/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2920mm, making it a medium and large car.



  Although the interior is patchwork, it is not expected to change much. Referring to the current model, the leather package in the embracing cockpit, with decorative elements such as wood grain, piano paint and metal, not only gives it a rich sense of hierarchy, but also reflects the luxury that the flagship model should have. The two-color dual-spoke steering wheel and Nappa leather seats also emphasize the sense of grade. In addition, the 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, plus the 15.6-inch BYD classic rotatable central control large screen, highlights the scientific and technological atmosphere, and will be equipped with DiLink 3.0 intelligent network connection system. Of course, intelligent configurations such as panoramic sunroof, 360 panoramic image, full-speed adaptive cruise, L2 driver assistance system, remote parking and wireless charging of mobile phones are not expected to be absent.



  For a mid-to high-end car, BYD obviously won’t adopt the 1.5L plug-in system of Qin PLUS DM-I. Like Tang DM-i, it adopts a DM-i super hybrid system consisting of a 1.5Ti engine, a driving motor and a Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery, in which the maximum power of the engine is 102kW(139 HP), the peak torque is 231 Nm, the maximum power of the driving motor is 145kW(197 HP) and the peak torque is 325 Nm. According to the fuel consumption level of Tang DM-i, which is 8.5 seconds and 5-6L, it is expected that the acceleration of Han DM-I will be less than 8 seconds, and the fuel consumption of 100 km feed will be controlled within 5L, which is very attractive.



  At present, the pure electric cruising range of Han DM-i is not clear. Of course, as BYD’s current flagship car, it is estimated that the pure electric cruising range of 100km is not running, and it may even reach 200km. In the case of full oil and full electricity, the comprehensive cruising range will also exceed 1000km. As for the selling price, referring to the price difference between Tang EV and Tang DM-i, it is bold to guess that the threshold of DM-i will be as low as 200,000 yuan, perhaps about 180,000 yuan. If so, about 200,000 yuan can buy a medium-sized and large car with green license, fuel economy and fairly good performance. Who else but Han DM-i? It is reported that Han DM-i will be listed in the first half of 2022, and the only thing we need to worry about is that BYD’s production capacity is still a big limit, and it is afraid that it can’t keep up with the order volume.