Configuration parameters of new Tiggo 8 | 2021 Chery Tiggo 8 configuration parameters

New configuration parameters |2021 configuration parameters ~ As the latest SUV in the family, PLUS adopts the new LIFEINMOTION3.0 family-style design language, in which the front face adopts Riyao Xinghe design, and the large-size geometric matrix diamond front grille greatly enhances the visual luxury. At the same time, the shape of the headlights is sharper, and with the exaggerated front bumper shape, the front face of PLUS looks more atmospheric and further enhances the recognition of the front face. _ For details: l33_9l55_0877_

When coming to the side of the car, PLUS makes the side of the car look more sporty and powerful by using a number of raised waistlines and curved surfaces at the door. The rear of the PLUS also gives people a thick and steady feeling. In contrast, the back light group of PLUS cancels the through design, and the shape is more eye-catching, and it also uses LED light source, with running water turn signal and breathing welcome mode.

In terms of interior, PLUS is very luxurious, and it adopts the luxurious land flight cabin design, giving people a full visual effect. It is also equipped with a dual 12.3-inch screen design, an 8-inch air-conditioned touchpad and three flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheels, which also enhances the sense of technology inside the car. The configuration is also very rich. Zhiyun LION4.0 system and sony audio system are standard, and the aviation headrest can be freely adjusted. The comfort is also greatly improved, and the wing angle adjustment and the four-way adjustment of the front and rear outer headrest are supported. The configuration is very sincere.

In the power system, PLUS is equipped with a 1.6TGDI engine, with a maximum output of 145kW(197 HP) and a peak torque of 290Nm. The transmission part is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In addition, the MHEV models with 1.5T engine and +48V light mixing system are also listed. The transmission part is matched with CVT gearbox.

Double-blade daytime running lights are not only scientific in modeling, but also integrate LED crystal headlights, double-blade highlight daytime running lights and running water turn signals, and their functionality is comparable to that of "lamp factory". The side and tail of the PLUS have not changed much, but the 19-inch sports wheels, horse brand high-performance tires, and the double exhaust tail throat at the tail have given the PLUS a certain "wild interest" and sporty temperament. _ For details: l33_9l55_0877_