BYD Han ev low version experience: invincible battery, solid workmanship and real materials.

As usual, the conclusion comes first: BYD Han ev (low-equipped version) battery is invincible, solid in workmanship, practical in materials, high in cost performance but low in intelligence and average in driving experience. It’s a beautiful and practical car, but it’s not easy to drive or trendy.

During the National Day, my friend finally picked up the car for a long time. After a few days of playing, I will share my personal experience as follows:

First, it is more stable than the new forces that build cars.

After so many years of development, BYD has fully accumulated the workmanship of the whole vehicle, and with the joining of Audi designers, it has further improved the appearance praise, prompting BYD to win the title of "lamp factory" at once.

During the experience,I was deeply impressed by the workmanship, comfort and sound insulation, which really exceeded my expectations. Domestic cars have really grown up in so many years.

However, traditional thinking still imprisons BYD, which leads to a big gap between its entertainment system, car system and automatic driving system and the new forces of making cars.

Second, the advantages

1. The battery is undoubtedly good. Endurance is a topic that can never be avoided. According to the author’s actual measurement, the endurance of model3 standard endurance version (50-degree battery), es6 beggar version (75-degree battery), (40-degree battery) and Han ev(77-degree battery) low-grade versions are 340KM, 330KM and 120KM respectively.580KM. Byd Han’s battery is really blown. Turning on the air conditioner, you can still run 580 kilometers in normal driving, which is really amazing. Properly hang all new energy brands.

At least for now, the security is the highest.

2, sound insulation is very good. In addition, the whole car is tightly assembled and used in place, which isolates tire noise and wind noise well. The noise is perfect, slightly better than ideal.

Unfortunately, there is no pre-storage box.

3. Solid materials. Let’s not talk about brands and parameters, but about the actual use experience. Han’s chair fits the waist better than Weilai’s, is wider and softer than ideal, and it is really comfortable to sit. The speaker has a good texture, although the stress is slightly heavier under the default sound effect, but fortunately, the adjustment space is large, and the sound insulation of the whole vehicle is good, which can bring excellent music experience; Solid assembly skills, moderate keys and no abnormal sound (relative to Tesla).

The aesthetics are different, but the materials are really solid.

4, the brakes are really awesome.To emphasize, what we’re talking about here is the top brake. Please read the "disadvantages" section for the low-grade version of Han’s brakes in this experience.During the test, I stepped on it at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and the car immediately held on. The journey was short and the body didn’t shake too much. At the same time, it was very linear, which impressed me deeply.

5. The details are in place. In addition to displaying common information such as speed, real-time energy consumption and cruising range, the dashboard will also display kinetic energy recovery power. Although I don’t feel any use, it can reflect the intention of the enterprise.

The camera in the car has its own shutter, which can be manually adjusted to achieve physical privacy protection. This aspect is much more conscience than Tesla.

A portable charging cable comes with the car, so that you can charge wherever you go.I forgot to take the photo. . )

6, can sing karaoke. Tesla’s in-car game function made my eyes shine. In addition to games, BYD also has in-car ktv function (no wonder the default bass is so low), which is definitely tailored for Asian users!

7. The transparent underbody function is well received. 360-degree images have long been standard in China. This time, BYD introduced the transparency function of the whole car, which has a good visual effect and a good practical experience. It can be described as a reversing artifact.

The reflection is too heavy to shoot well.

Third, shortcomings

1. Poor driving experience and feeling carsick.

It is emphasized here that the author has also driven many trams, and novices will get carsick when driving trams, mainly because of the unique kinetic energy recovery system of trams. However, BYD Han’s motion sickness is caused by the over-sensitive throttle, the non-linear brakes (only referring to the low-profile version) and the steering wheel with a large virtual position.

Imagine the following driving scene: when you are humming a hot pot and eating a song and driving happily, when you gently lift the accelerator to enjoy the scenery, you intervene in the natural deceleration of the vehicle (BYD has done a good job in this respect, and the use experience is very close to that of an oil car), but when you come to your senses,When stepping on the accelerator lightly to speed up, the car will run forward, even if you are careful, it is hard to avoid it, thus causing the passengers to feel carsick.

2, did not get rid of the imprisonment of traditional thinking.

Pure electric vehicles still retain the "one-button start" button?

Byd Han’s boarding process is like this: scan the rearview mirror with his mobile phone-click the start button-put on the brake gear-start, stop-put on the P gear-click the close button-leave the car-lock the car.

The new forces such as Tesla and Weilai have already realized the convenience of getting up and down, that is, the minimalist operation of "opening the door to get on the bus-stepping on the brakes-hanging the D gear-driving-parking-P gear-closing the door and leaving".

Many common and uncommon functions need a separate physical button, such as kinetic energy recovery, lane keeping, etc. Of course, this is not a shortcoming, and many people still like physical buttons. But personally, I prefer the minimalist design of model3, just as people who liked iphone3gs in those days could not accept traditional mobile phones. By the way, it is really troublesome to manually turn on the automatic parking function every time you get on the bus.

There are two-way wheels on the left and right sides, and a bunch of physical buttons are still added.

Here, compare the steering wheel of model3. In fact, the 4-way wheel has been able to achieve most common operations.

3. Han EV uses the pre-McPherson style.

, are double wishbones. The vast majority of sports vehicles will choose double wishbones, but the top with Han ev is a terrible gene with 3.9s acceleration. This McPherson suspension will lead to insufficient chassis support and slight shaking when it is in extreme acceleration. This is also the reason why my friend didn’t choose the top ev (mainly because it is too expensive), because this suspension is still no problem in daily use.

4, the body materials are conservative.

Here, let’s blow the all-aluminum body (80%) of Weilai ES6. I don’t know if it’s good or not. I only know that the expensive one is definitely good. Even the model3 made of slag is a mixture of steel and aluminum, while Han ev does not use an aluminum-containing body. Of course, this has no effect on the feeling of daily use.

5. The biggest shortcoming-system

The whole system interface gives me the feeling of nostalgia for Android 1.0, the "classic" four donkey kong keys and the "familiar" system notification interface, which once made me wonder if I was still using milestone. And the screen utilization efficiency is too low, all of which are oversized fonts and earthy icons for the elderly.

Software such as Netease Cloud Music qq Music WeChat has not been optimized yet. After clicking, the system will automatically erect the screen, but after exiting, the screen needs to be manually switched to landscape screen.

Automatic driving is also a relatively primary acc adaptive cruise, lane keeping, automatic braking and so on. Anyway, no one has really achieved automation in the aspect of automatic driving, and this will not be evaluated for the time being.

Fourth, purchase suggestions

BYD is not the same as the target group targeted by other new car-making forces. Therefore, several fans don’t have to argue about who is fast, who is of good quality and who has many functions.

Digital enthusiasts who like technology can get rid of BYD pass. If BYD is overtaking in a corner, then the new force of building a car is more like racing on another runway, and there is no intersection between the two.

If you choose a car according to the standard of traditional fuel vehicles, and have no extra preference for technology configuration and driving experience, then BYD Han is indeed a good choice.

At the same time,Personally, I recommend the beggar version of 229,800.. The overall coordination of the top-of-the-line ev is not good, the acceleration is fast but the short board is exposed, and the price gap is too big, so it is not recommended by individuals.

Finally, to put it bluntly, writing an experience article is just to share personal feelings, and more is to give some personal suggestions to potential car owners, so as to focus on the advantages and disadvantages before placing an order, and better realize the original intention worth buying-to live seriously and spend money well.