"Technical Fish Pond" adds a new Miao Yunnian -P system to help look up to U8 and create a new cross-country travel experience.

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, June 13 (Reporter Li Qiaochu) In recent years, with the hot outdoor economy, camping, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, cross-country and other fun that once belonged to minority players have gradually approached the public’s field of vision and become one of the new lifestyles.

Play outdoors, the car goes first. Up to now, hard-core off-road vehicles have experienced a development path from strong off-road tools to urban comfort. The richness of travel scenes has also spawned the diversification of market demand for cars.

In order to meet the car demand of users in the whole scene, a million-level new energy hard-core off-road look up to U8 came into being. BYD Group broke the fragmented development mode, systematically considered the vertical control of new energy vehicles, and comprehensively integrated the software and hardware technologies such as perception, decision-making, control and interaction, and created the Yunnian -P intelligent hydraulic body control system, which enabled Wangwang U8 to have both urban comfortable driving and off-road crossing capabilities, creating a new travel experience for users.

Digital intelligent technology is widely used in new energy vehicles, and new materials, high computing power chips and advanced sensing equipment are adopted, which not only represents the future development direction of automobile technology and industry, but also helps to promote the intelligent development process of energy, transportation and cities.

Aiming at the comfort pain points of hard-core off-road vehicles, Yunqi -P has isolated the impact of wheel-end runout on cabin comfort by means of the road preview system with continuously adjustable damping and integrated camera and laser radar. In the face of frequent and rapid car-use scenes, looking up to U8 can dynamically monitor the vehicle through body posture perception and driving behavior perception, and the intelligent calculation center outputs the best strategy in real time to instantly improve the stiffness and damping, restrain the phenomenon of sudden acceleration of head-up and sudden braking nod, and improve the acceleration and deceleration performance while improving the comfort and reducing the discomfort of drivers and passengers.

At the same time, Wangwang U8 also has the ability of leveling with one button, which can realize the level inside the car with one button. When users are camping in the wild, if they need to rest and entertain in the car, they can not be disturbed by the terrain.

It is reported that looking forward to the new off-road experience of U8 is based on the advantages of Yunqi -P vertical body control technology, intelligent integration of the whole vehicle and intelligent hydraulic executive layer. As the exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system for new energy off-road vehicles, Yunqi -P includes intelligent exploration architecture, intelligent calculation center and intelligent control technology, giving full play to the advantages of electrification and intelligence of new energy vehicles and building a complete link of perception, decision-making and execution.

The the State Council executive meeting held on June 2nd proposed to consolidate and expand the development advantages of new energy vehicles, further optimize the industrial layout, strengthen key core technology research in key areas such as power battery system, new chassis structure and intelligent driving system, coordinate the development and utilization of domestic and international resources, improve the recycling system of power batteries, build an industrial ecology with the integration of "vehicle energy and Lu Yun", and improve the independent controllability and green development level of the whole industrial chain.

According to the relevant person in charge of BYD, in the future, Wangwang brand will continue to lead the technological innovation of BYD Group, take the lead in carrying many top technologies, constantly broaden the technological boundaries of new energy vehicles, and transform the exploration results into products to contribute to consumers, so as to create truly ultra-safe, ultra-performance and ultra-experience cross-era products for consumers, which will impact the million-level high-end market that has been firmly occupied by traditional brands.