The auto show is extremely shocking, which is worth reflecting on!

A car show in Nanjing crashed, and the scene was chaotic, and people were injured.

The brand krypton also quickly published a briefing. I think behind this matter, it is still worth our reflection.

The brand of Krypton must bear the responsibility. The vehicle did not open the exhibition mode according to the regulations, and the key was also within the effective use range. So the audience doesn’t know, when experiencing the new car, the car will go out with one foot on the gas pedal.

I think some netizens said why the active braking didn’t start. This is purely a question that people who don’t understand cars will ask.

So what should we reflect on? I tell you, what we should reflect on is the design of cars and safety education.

Let’s talk about design first. Since replacing all buttons with big screens, many car brands have followed suit. The same is true of Krypton X, with a minimalist interior and a big screen. If you used to drive an oil car, and now you suddenly turn to a tram, you are completely at a loss, and the learning cost of users is greatly increased.

In the era of oil cars, your cumbersome steps of ignition, shifting gears, and shifting gears have been simplified on electric cars. So it’s okay if you get used to it, but it’s easy to cause security risks if you don’t get used to it. Not to mention ordinary consumers, that is, people like us who contact cars every day, now they have a brand-new car, and some functions can’t be found for a long time.

Therefore, the industry has realized this problem. From 2026, European E NCAP requires that new cars must be equipped with physical buttons, otherwise they will be deducted from safety inspection and evaluation. Europe has now realized that relying too much on the central control panel to control the vehicle will lead to the driver’s distraction and increase the risk of accidents.

Of course, this is not mandatory. You can still use a big screen, but the price is that you can’t get a 5-star safety rating in Europe.

So too radical interior design should bear part of the responsibility.

The second is safety education. Two aspects. First, the driving school educated the gears of our fuel cars in the past, and the operation methods were relatively fixed, but now the operation methods of cars are varied. With a single shift, there are screen shifts, knob shifts, arms shifts, and key shifts. All cars have no electronics, just press a P gear. Therefore, our driving school education is too targeted, and it will be over in two months. However, in the new energy era, more and more people will not necessarily be able to drive after taking the test. Therefore, this aspect of driving school education should be strengthened.

On the other hand, it is a 4s shop, and the education of car owners can also be said to be a reminder. I found that many brands have shortcomings in this respect. Because they all focus on sales and ignore safety reminders. Even the salespeople in some 4s stores don’t know enough about their own products. But when you ask him how much money, how to take finance and how to take insurance, they are very clear. Therefore, automobile brands should also strengthen education and safety training for 4s shop staff.