Online celebrity, USA, pats the remains of suicides to arouse public outrage. Netizen: Suicide is not a joke!

       CCTV News:Logan Paul, a well-known American network anchor, has attracted a large number of fans with his always bold and spoof style videos. However, recently, he caused great controversy by publishing a video about suicide, which was criticized by netizens, and also set off a big discussion about online self-discipline.

       American Paul is a celebrity on social media. He often posts pranks and funny videos on the Internet and has tens of millions of fans. According to the British "Daily Mail" report, Paul first became popular on the Internet because of splitting. No matter in the street, square, restaurant or subway station, he said that splitting is splitting, and he was nicknamed "Brother Split" by netizens.


       However, after becoming popular, "Brother Split" became more and more courageous. Recently, he released a video of a "suicide forest" under Mount Fuji in Japan, in which a corpse hung on a tree appeared.

       After the video was released, the number of hits quickly exceeded 6 million in 24 hours. Netizens condemned Paul’s behavior and criticized him for publishing this kind of video, which was simply unscrupulous to get the click rate, completely disrespecting the deceased and having no conscience.


       Some netizens pointed out rudely: "How dare you do this! You make me sick. It’s hard to imagine that so many young people are your fans. It’s pathetic. I hope this video will wake them up. You are a scum. Suicide is not a joke! "

       Faced with tremendous pressure from netizens, "Brother Split" finally apologized to everyone on the social platform. He admitted that he had made a mistake, saying that he would shoot videos every day, and it would be easy for him to fail to fully weigh the possible derivative effects at a certain moment. In the future, he needs to make better use of his influence.

       However, netizens do not seem to buy it. Some netizens suggested that since Paul can get huge benefits every year, it is better to donate some money to suicide prevention public welfare organizations to help people who are troubled by depression.

       CNN commented that the higher the click-through rate, the more revenue. Nowadays, many online celebrity have no bottom line, but don’t forget that the greater the influence, the greater the responsibility and the need for self-discipline.