Byd Han ev evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of byd Han dm

BYD Han ev evaluation, BYD Han dm advantages and disadvantages. Finally, from a technical point of view, we can find that the previous race is on a relatively dry normal road after all. Later, the "competition" with traditional fuel-efficient vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi was placed on a relatively slippery road. Although BYD "Han" is a four-wheel drive electric vehicle, it is obvious that the calibration and control ability of four-wheel drive is still weaker than those of these traditional car companies, and there is a certain slippage on specific roads. In this case, no matter how strong the power is, it will be greatly reduced if it is put on the road.

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According to BYD’s explanation, the so-called intelligence means that IPB, an electronic control system, instantly calculates the required braking force by collecting the displacement signal of the brake pedal and combining the parameters of various sensors, and the motor drives the hydraulic pressure to implement braking, while the traditional braking system relies on the brake pedal to drive the vacuum booster pump to generate braking pressure.

In terms of performance, as the world’s first car equipped with a high-performance and high-integrated silicon carbide MOSFET motor control module, the flagship model of the high-performance version of Han EV four-wheel drive only takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate, and at the same time, it also achieves the shortest braking distance of 32.8 meters for the same class of new energy cars in the world, and the best test result for China medium and large cars in Elk test at 80 kilometers per hour. The NEDC of Han EV’s ultra-long battery life version can reach 605 kilometers in pure electric driving range under comprehensive working conditions, and with the highest energy recovery efficiency of the same class, the lowest drag coefficient of the same class production car in China, double silver coated windshield and other energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures, it creates a long battery life that meets the real use scenarios of consumers. Han DM Four-wheel Drive Performance Edition Luxurious 000-kilometer acceleration only takes 4.7 seconds, providing 81 kilometers of NEDC comprehensive driving range and more than 800 kilometers of comprehensive driving range, and providing five power modes of pure electric, parallel, series, high speed and energy recovery.

At present, the overall configuration of Chinese cars has been very comprehensive, and many advanced configurations have been preset. Generally speaking, consumers do not need to choose the configuration. Of course, Han has a variety of interior colors to choose from, and consumers can choose according to their own preferences.

BYD Han EV was officially launched in July last year. There are three models for you to choose from. There are two BYD Han DM plug-in hybrid models, which will be launched a little later. Today, BYD Han has been on the market for half a year, and in December last year, its sales volume successfully exceeded 10,000. As a domestic car with a guiding price of 219.8-279.5 thousand yuan, it is still very good to achieve such results.


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