Don’t think it’s comfortable when you grow up. Mercedes-Benz E has brought a pure German flavor this time.

vehicleBefore Zaijun, I was quite cold, because their test cars were always so high above me, and sporadic test drives were always like a dragonfly. It was difficult to find that balance between enjoyable and not enjoyable. Fortunately, I recently had a chance to "hard" test drive. When I learned that the test drive vehicle was E300 standard version, suddenly this test drive was a bit interesting.

For the E-class, the car-mounted gentleman likes it very much, because it can be called "small S" or "big C", which solves the problem of small space of the C-class model and allows the owner to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the S-class model. But it is a standard version of E300, which means that it is 140mm less than the extended model, and the corresponding rear knee space will be much smaller.

Then the question comes: Why did you launch such an awkward model? And who will buy this car? After three days’ test drive of this E300 sports model, Car Jun summed up six issues that you are most concerned about to tell you what kind of relationship there is between this E300 and E300L.


Why is there a distinction between standard axle and long axle models?

A:First of all, it is necessary to clarify the concept, that is, generally speaking, 95% of the so-called extended versions in the China market (except pullman-like models) are independently produced for customers in China. On the one hand, it is because of the high penetration rate abroad, which is basically one person and one car, and the rear space is not particularly valued because of its low utilization rate. China’s car buying habit is that the bigger the better, so many models including C-class and E-class have been deliberately lengthened after arriving in China, which can make the rear knee space more spacious and make the ride more comfortable.


So does this E300 sports edition exercise?

A:This problem is embarrassing, because although the standard E300 sports version is a little more sporty than the E300L sports version, it is almost the same as the E300L’s, seats, kits, etc. On this E300, it does not put up, does not bear more torque, does not use lightweight racing seats, does not add kits, and even does not apply carbon fiber to this E300.

However, this is the original E300 that a Mercedes engineer has spent several years and countless efforts to produce, which integrates comfort and sports. You have to say that it doesn’t exercise, which is true relative to AMG. But if you say it moves, it must be correct compared with the extended model.

What’s the difference between E300 and E300L?

A:As I said just now, the extended version of the car is lengthened on the basis of the standard axle. Although it is very comfortable, although the engineers of the original factory also guarantee that there is no difference between the extended model and the standard axle car, everyone knows that the longer it is, the more rigid it is, and the shorter it is, the more flexible it is (if you don’t understand, try to think about who is flexible in Miyagi Ryota or Akagi Takenori). Then the standard axle model must have some advantages in sports performance.

Of course, in addition, the two models are slightly different in appearance and shape, but this is only the configuration difference between different versions of the models.


E300 Sports Edition, how does it feel to drive?

A: This is another embarrassing thing, because the car driver can’t take photos during the test drive of a single bicycle, so he can only describe part of the performance of the E300 sports version again, but it should be noted that the following description is basically applicable to the E300L. After all, the two cars are the same in parts such as,, and so on.

Let’s start with, because the car-mounted gentleman is very interested in this 9-speed (relative). At the beginning, the dense teeth are shorter than the shifting gap, so that the speed can be transmitted faster when accelerating. Then the speed of shifting gears is also very fast, and basically you can’t feel its so-called frustration. What the car-mounted gentleman is most concerned about is that when the speed is 100km/h, it can already be hung on the ninth gear, which undoubtedly has a very wide range of use. Moreover, the speed in the 9th gear is only 1450 rpm, so if you use ECO mode and cruise in this speed range, it is only 8.4L, which can be said to be quite fuel-efficient.

Car-mounted gentleman has a habit, that is, if the vehicle has ECO mode, it will definitely choose ECO mode first, the reason is naturally to save fuel. However, in the E300 sports edition, ECO gives the car driver a very relaxed driving feeling. At this time, both the steering and the output are in the most comfortable mode, which is simply fuel-efficient and comfortable. I like the feeling at this time.

But what if the mode is set to Sport+ and P is turned off? Hehe, don’t think too much, it hurts too much, so. Although you can’t drive this E300 sports version violently, in Sport+ mode, this car is as excited as chicken blood. As long as you step on the accelerator deeply, immediately downshift to match, at this time, your body will be tightly pressed on the seat. However, the car-mounted gentleman does not recommend turning off P. Without the intervention of the electronic system at all, this car will be very grumpy, so don’t really challenge its bottom line if the technology is not good.


What’s the difference between the luxury of E300 and E300L?

A:Car gentleman thinks there is no difference in luxury. Of course, if you think that the lack of LCD will damage the sense of luxury, then the car driver has nothing to say. In addition, you’re welcome to say that there seems to be really no model that can exceed the E-class at this level.


Should the car gentleman choose the standard axis version or the long axis version?

A: This problem is understood in this way, because the long-axis and short-axis models have their own staunch supporters, and they are basically in a state of incompatibility, so there is no way to define what kind of customer groups they have for the long-axis and short-axis models.

So, make a portrait of yourself. In his thirties, he likes driving (pay attention to driving rather than driving), and he already has a car suitable for the whole family to travel at home. In addition, the prices of these two cars are so close. If the budget is sufficient, I will definitely buy the E300 sports version.