The inflection point of high-order intelligent driving has dropped, and the competition software algorithm has become the focus?


What is the value of advanced intelligent driving? It’s the key to show you the experience first.


Recently, in an internal email entitled "FSD V12.3.1" sent by Tesla CEO elon musk to all employees, Tesla requires its employees to take customers to turn on the FSD function for a "short test drive" when delivering new cars, so that customers can personally experience the benefits of this so-called "fully automatic driving" software.


Subsequently, Tesla’s official website in North America was updated to provide a one-month free FSD experience for new car buyers in the United States and Canada. In response to the post of Whole Mars Catalog, Musk clarified: "Starting this week, all applicable vehicles in the United States will be able to try FSD for free for one month." This will include almost all delivered vehicles (HW3 hardware required).


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