Summary of all technologies of Huawei’s M5.

1. The car can provide power for lighting, barbecue, etc., which is a practical function for many riders.

Going out for camping and barbecuing, with the self-developed OBC technology, the V2L camp power supply mode can provide up to 3,500 W of reverse charging power (220v), which is far superior to the mainstream 2,200 W in the industry. You can connect 3,500 W of high-power electrical appliances alone, 1,500 W of electric hot pot, 1,000 W of electric oven and 1,000 W of rice cooker at the same time, and start your "cooking and roasting" outdoor feast. In addition, small freezers, electric fans, outdoor stereos, projectors, electronic screens, etc. can all be powered by V2L. Is it very convenient and practical? Many people think that only Huawei has it.

2. Enjoy the first-class seat massage.

A The whole car is equipped with advanced first-class seats made of Nappa leather. The front seat provides seat massage * and ventilation and heating functions, and the seat is equipped with 8-point air bag massage function to support 15 massage modes; The front headrest is specially stretched to increase the wrapping feeling of the head, and the 12-way electric adjustment allows people of any size to adjust to the most comfortable position. The back row is also equipped with a rare seat heating function at the same level, which is softer and more suitable for the user’s body shape. When you are tired and lying on the seat, you can enjoy a massage and listen to songs alone.

3. Car critic Wu Pei said it was better than it was. Equipped with industry-leading 19-unit professional-grade audio, the power amplifier is as high as 1000+ W, which has a full sense of encirclement and shock. The center tweeter unit extends the high frequency to 25kHz, which can restore the gorgeous treble of violin and piano. Boom-Boom independent bass can dive to 30Hz, almost reaching the lowest sound that human ears can hear, and also has good loudness, which brings direct appeal to bass. 7.1 Surrounding the sound field to create an outstanding theater experience, whether listening to pop music, music or watching movies, this configuration is still good, listening to songs and watching movies are always enjoyed, and if you add a microphone, you can also sing [yi tooth] [yi tooth].

4. Low energy consumption, practical and economical! If the official 7kW/11kw intelligent household charging pile * is installed, and an economical charging scheme is made according to the electricity price of 0.336 yuan/kwh * (from 0: 00 to 8: 00), the one-time charging cost is only 13.4 yuan, which can meet the commuting in the city of 150 kilometers, which is equivalent to the low cost of traveling every 10 kilometers to 0.9 yuan, which is cheaper than most bus trips. The official intelligent charging pile can intelligently identify the owner, and it can be charged when the gun is inserted, without additional operation; Through 4G and dual connection, remote control and management are realized, and functions such as OTA upgrade, reservation authorization anti-theft charging and remote fault diagnosis are supported! But this official one may not be very accurate, and the electricity price may be more expensive!

5. Worried about overheating of the high-speed running motor!

Don’t worry about this. The HUAWE three-in-one electric drive system on board uses the industry-leading precision oil cooling technology, which can ensure more stable power output and longer service life of the power system compared with the water cooling technology widely used in the industry. It can also maintain ultra-high stability under extreme working conditions such as extremely fast driving and multiple full acceleration, and the motor will not overheat when driving continuously for 2 hours at 120 kilometers per hour on the highway in summer. Huawei’s oil cooling technology can still be assured, don’t be afraid!

6. Various patterns match!

Equipped with intelligent range-extending system, the intelligent range-extending system automatically maintains the balance of SOC (State of Charge) and achieves stable power output through powerful computing and coordination capabilities. When you commute in the city, pure electricity is given priority, and the quiet power generation is economical and environmentally friendly; When driving a long distance, the extended range automatically balances power generation to keep the balance between power and SOC, which is full of power; When climbing off-road with heavy load, fuel is given priority, and large amount of power is generated automatically, which can supplement power and stabilize SOC, thus helping vehicles to complete off-road challenges.

Isn’t it not bad, adjust the mode intelligently!

7. Function is the gospel for many people who are afraid of reversing.

Equipped with an advanced 360-degree intelligent panoramic parking system, it consists of 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 APA HD cameras and APA controllers. The system uses visual and ultrasonic fusion to identify parking spaces and obstacles, supports 100+parking scenes (including special scenes such as incomplete parking lines and curved parking spaces), supports the identification of parking space limiters, and easily liberates your hands, making parking never so simple. Haha, female car owners or novices who can’t back up the lights are welfare.

8. The main driving headrest mode is practical and convenient. When you are immersed in music while sitting in the co-pilot and don’t want to be disturbed by voice navigation, you can turn on the headrest focus mode of the main driver. In order to make people with different heights get good listening effect, the arc design of headrest combined with the distribution of head model forms the directivity of audio to human ears, so the headrest sound in the main driver’s seat can bring better sound field immersion. When the driver’s headrest focus mode is turned on, the navigation broadcast sound only comes from the headrest, while the music is played by the other speakers of the car body. The driver can pay more attention to navigation information and call sound, while passengers can get a more immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.

9. You can quickly charge multiple mobile phones and notebooks! More practical!

The whole car has four Type-C charging ports, and the maximum charging power reaches 66W*, which can quickly charge two mobile phones and two notebooks at the same time. The car is also equipped with an amazing 40W wireless fast charge, which can increase the power of mobile phones supporting wireless fast charge by about 60% in 30 minutes. The convenient charging experience covers all drivers and passengers in the car, which can easily meet any business and office needs in the car. It is convenient, practical and refreshing!

10. the mute effect is also very good, so that you are not disturbed!

When you get in, close the window. Equipped with front and rear double-layer laminated rubber, it can effectively weaken the high-frequency noise of 2-3 decibels, which is unique in its class. With the cooperation of a variety of software and hardware, the noise in the car is as low as 38db when idling, which is only equivalent to the volume of people whispering, and it has the quiet effect of being in a library. Friends who don’t like to disturb the noise can relax.

11. Seamless panoramic canopy, looking at the stars.

Seamless panoramic canopy. The seamless panoramic canopy has an area of about 2 square meters (1765mmx1212mm), and the field of view ratio is as high as 97.7%*. It is made of micron silver-plated Low-E of building grade, which improves the thermal insulation capacity by 40%* compared with ordinary canopy glass, and can effectively isolate 99.9% ultraviolet rays *. So sitting in the car, you can not only look at the stars at night, but also won’t be tanned by ultraviolet rays during the day. [yi tooth]

12. Large-capacity back, especially convenient for traveling!

It has a trunk space with a capacity of up to 369 liters, and the capacity of the rear seat can reach 776 liters after adjustment, which can hold three suitcases with sizes of 28 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches respectively to easily meet the demand for travel loading. It is worth mentioning that the trunk door adopts electric induction type, so we only need to lift our feet and make a "kicking" action near the sensor under the car, and the trunk door can be automatically opened or closed, making it very convenient to take things!

13. All-aluminum chassis of millions of luxury cars!

All-aluminum chassis is adopted, which is lighter, more rigid and stronger than traditional steel chassis, bringing more stable and safe control experience; And has strong corrosion resistance and improved durability. This is to be equipped with more than 400,000-500,000 cars!

15. Front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension are equipped. A

The front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension with the same origin as the super-running are adopted, so that the car body can maintain better stability under different driving conditions. The application of aluminum alloy material makes the suspension react faster, have stronger toughness, and have less cornering, which brings super-running comfort and handling.

16. Very strong shock absorption

The front double wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension with the same origin as the super-running are adopted, so that the car body can maintain better stability under different driving conditions. The application of aluminum alloy material makes the suspension react faster, have stronger toughness, and have less cornering, which brings super-running comfort and handling. silent hub

Use 20-inch low wind resistance wheel valley *, matching times.

Endurance P Zero high-performance silent tire *, with ultra-low unsprung weight and super grip. Not only the appearance is superb, but also it can make AIT run.

It is also more stable!

20-inch low wind resistance Pirelli P Zero high performance silent tire.

20-inch low wind resistance wheel valley and Pirelli P Zero high-performance silent tire are optional for rear-drive standard version and four-wheel drive performance version.

18. The chassis also has good noise reduction!

Do your best to cure noise. Aluminium alloy

The gold chassis has excellent NVH effect, which can restrain the driving process.

Noise caused by sand and gravel hitting the chassis. 80% area of the body floor is sprayed.

LASD liquid acoustics, instead of mainstream materials,

It can not only effectively control the noise inside the car, but also improve the air quality inside the car. The body floor is sprayed with LASD liquid acoustic damping material!

19. The back row space is also good!


Intelligent cockpit

3D face recognition, personalized cockpit

Peace of mind away from home, warm home.

Intelligent voice, visible to say.

3D face recognition, personalized cockpit!The new car adopts an integrated embracing cockpit design and a symmetrical layout, which brings a very comfortable experience. The vehicle is equipped with a 15.6-inch central control large screen and a 10.4-inch full LCD instrument panel, which improves the scientific and technological performance of the vehicle. The most important thing, naturally, is the HarmonyOS car system it is equipped with, which can realize the information flow between vehicles, mobile phones and watches very smoothly!

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