Intelligent "stunner" flying close to the ground: taking stock of 12 dazzling technologies on FF 91, a FF production car

  The first production car of Faraday Future (FF) was officially released on January 4th, Beijing time. Although a number of product information of this car has flowed out before, at the press conference held simultaneously in China and the United States on the same day, the audience, including many professionals in the automobile industry, were shocked by its powerful dynamic performance and intelligent interconnection characteristics.

  0-60 mph accelerates for 2.39 seconds, and the cruising range exceeds 700 km. Only these two key data indicators of electric vehicles have won the global electric vehicle industry record at the same time, refreshing people’s understanding of extreme technology. In addition, the self-developed variable platform architecture VPA, autonomous driving, state-of-the-art sensor lidar, and zero-gravity seats with comfortable riding experience have all pioneered the automobile industry, giving users a subversive travel experience.

  The following summarizes the 15 most scientific and technological designs of FF 91, a "new species":

  1.1800 nm super power torque, 0-60mph acceleration for 2.39 seconds.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  Super power output and perfect torque distribution enable FF 91 to output the maximum power up to 783Kw, reaching 1050 HP, and the peak torque is over 1800 Nm.

  At the Beijing press conference held simultaneously by China and the United States, Ma Qinghua, a well-known driver who participated in F1 and FE events, was very shocked after watching the appearance of FF 91. He specifically mentioned, "I noticed a data about torque. What is the concept of 1800 Nm? At present, the torque of our fastest F1 car is only 600 to 700 Nm. "

  The greater the torque, the faster the acceleration will be. The acceleration performance of FF 91 has set a record for production cars, and the acceleration time from 0 to 0-60mph is only 2.39 seconds.

  At the scene of the conference, FF also specially arranged a live race, so that the audience at the scene could witness this peak battle with their own eyes. In the end, FF 91 took the lead among the top luxury cars with absolute advantage, becoming the new "king" of 0-60mph acceleration and winning the fastest electric vehicle in the world.

  2. Equipped with the largest battery capacity package, the cruising range is 700 kilometers.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  Many people have such concerns when choosing an electric car. The cruising range is not enough and there is no way to drive for a long distance, which will affect the final decision of the car buyer. However, FF 91 will change people’s views on electric vehicles.

  The capacity of FF 91 battery pack reaches 130kWh, which is by far the largest battery pack capacity in the world, with the largest single cell energy and the highest battery pack cell density, which greatly improves the driving range of electric vehicles. According to the American EPA standard, the driving range of a single charge reaches over 378 miles, while according to the European NEDC standard, the cruising range exceeds 700 kilometers, which almost exceeds all the mass-produced electric vehicles at present and reaches or exceeds the driving range of most traditional diesel locomotives under the condition of full tank oil.

  3. Variable platform architecture VPA, building a car is like fighting Lego.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  FF is the first in the world to realize the application of universal power system to support all vehicle research and development, which depends on its self-developed variable platform architecture-VPA. As a universal modular framework and flexible powertrain design system, VPA can provide a series of battery and wheelbase configurations for platform designers. That is to say, cars, SUVs and even high-performance racing cars, regardless of their differences in wheelbase or track length, can be produced on the same production line, achieving efficient, shared and modular production like Lego bricks.

  Because it can greatly improve the launch speed of new cars, cars can be produced according to market demand, and higher-grade configurations can be put into mainstream models with high sales volume, while the production costs of special models with small sales volume can be reduced.

  In addition, VPA has also achieved a single-shell body structure with integrated chassis and body, which is extremely safe. Previously, this kind of car body was mostly used in F1 racing cars to ensure the safety of drivers in extreme cases. At the same time, VPA can realize four-wheel drive system under software control, achieve greater traction and accurately distribute power.

  4. Equipped with liftable lidar, automatic driving is safer.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  Lidar has always been regarded as an important cornerstone to realize autonomous driving. But up to now, the application of lidar in automobiles is still limited to the experimental environment, and it has not been carried on production vehicles. One of the reasons is that lidar is expensive, and using it will increase the cost of building a car; The second reason is that there is no automobile enterprise to solve the problem of automatic lifting of lidar, which not only affects the appearance, but also increases the wind resistance.

  The FF 91 is the world’s first production model equipped with a 3D liftable lidar, which perfectly solves the above two problems. Lidar is the core component of the vehicle sensing system, which includes more than 30 sensors including camera, radar and ultrasonic, and plays the role of "the second pair of eyes". By using laser pulses to detect and measure the distance, the lidar carried by FF 91 can not only synthesize the data signals of the surrounding environment into a 3D map, but also decide how to control the car more intelligently through the integration and fusion algorithm of all sensor data. Intelligent drawing of surrounding maps by pulsed laser can eliminate the interference of weather factors and provide the safest driving experience.

  5. Intelligent parking artifact: unmanned parking service system

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  In the process of the conference, FF designed a very special bridge section, which is to let Hong Bae, the person in charge of automatic driving, demonstrate the unmanned automatic parking function on the spot. Through such a live demonstration, we also have a general understanding of how the FF 91 realizes the automatic parking service function in a complex parking environment, which is the first time that this function has been realized on a production vehicle.

  When the user needs to use the vehicle, the FF 91 is called through the FF Control app on the mobile phone. Or order FF 91 to pick up the car at the designated time and place in advance. FF 91 can not only provide unmanned parking service service in parking lots and private roads. After the future law allows, FF 91 can also realize this function wherever users want to go.

  6. "Seamless access system" eliminates car keys

  FF’s proprietary "seamless entry" system will be the most intelligent keyless welcome system at present, and users can easily enter the FF91 car without using traditional keys.

  As the first car in the world that doesn’t need a key, FF 91 will automatically recognize when the user reaches the set distance between people and vehicles. When the household mobile phone "wakes up" FF 91, it will automatically open the car door to greet it, and actively adjust the temperature inside the car, seat, rearview mirror, music and display screen to the user’s habit setting mode.

  In addition, FF 91 confirms the user’s identity through facial recognition technology, and has the function of setting relatives’ rights, so as to realize seamless entry, and the user does not need to use the key to open the car door.

  7. "Brush your face" to identify yourself and automatically control the in-vehicle system.

  In order to achieve the ultimate personalized user experience, FF 91 is equipped with a set of internal sensors that can identify users. Through the sensing system composed of a separate camera, microphone and other sensors in each seat in the car, FF 91 can identify the user’s identity by his face, voice and even weight. FF 91 can automatically help the user adjust the seat to the appropriate position, turn on the air conditioner and adjust it to the user’s comfortable temperature according to the user’s data, automatically load other contents such as the user’s favorite songs and plan the navigation route.

  FF 91 is also an intimate "warm car" that can "look at the face". FF 91 can better adapt to the needs of users by monitoring their mood in real time. It can even automatically match users’ emotions through music, temperature, smell, content, massage and other functions. The user’s facial recognition data will be automatically and safely saved in the FF 91 car and will not be uploaded to the cloud.

  8. The Wifi signal of this car is stronger than that of your home.

  What do you hate most when you watch movies on video websites? I’m afraid it’s the constantly rotating loading icon. That’s right, the internet speed is not enough, and the car networking system can’t play. The most important foundation for achieving excellent interconnection experience is network communication performance.

  FF 91 is equipped with three CAT6 modems, which provides 2-3 times faster connectivity than home Internet. No matter where you are, FF 91 can continuously search for the strongest network signal to ensure the real-time network connection of users.

  In addition, the dual-blade antenna mounted on the roof of FF 91 not only optimizes the aerodynamic performance, but also has the function of high-speed wireless network broadcasting, which can become a hot spot of Wi-Fi network for users.

  9. Modular intelligent rearview mirror to solve the problem of visual blind area.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  The FF91 is equipped with the industry’s first modular intelligent rearview mirror system. The electronic exterior rearview mirror located on the outside of the vehicle is not only full of science and technology, but also has an intelligent detachable design. The large-size traditional rearview mirror can be sleeved on the electronic exterior rearview mirror, which not only forms physical protection and traditional functions, but also plays a role in adapting to the laws and regulations of various countries.

  At the same time, the pictures taken by the exterior rearview mirror will be transmitted to the display system in the car in real time. Compared with the traditional rearview mirror, it not only has a unique style, but also has a smaller wind resistance coefficient, and it also perfectly solves the problem of blind spots that have plagued drivers for many years.

  In addition to the creative design, with the addition of the modular intelligent rearview system, through the collection of electronic images, combined with the fusion of various sensors including laser radar and the large-scale application of cloud technology, the modular intelligent rearview system will further serve the ADAS and automatic driving of the vehicle and raise the driving safety of the vehicle to a new height.

  10.PDLC glass opens "eclipse mode", which is private and safe.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  In addition to the ultimate comfort and convenience, the roof, rear door and rear window of FF91 have a private top-level black technology configuration-—PDLC glass, which realizes the adjustment of light transmittance through nano-particle induced current.

  The user in the car can turn on the "eclipse mode" with a light touch, which instantly achieves the effects of privacy and shading. When the vehicle is not started, the glass is completely opaque, and after the vehicle is started, the glass will become transparent. This design can not only provide perfect privacy for users in the car, but also bring excellent safety to users when the car is parked.

  11. inspired by NASA’s "zero gravity chair", it is more comfortable than first class.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  This technology is of great significance. It originated from NASA. When people are in weightlessness, the stress and restraint on the skeleton, joints and nervous system of the human body are in the minimum state. In this case, the human body’s comfort reaches the best. FF applies this principle to the vehicle seat. Through all-round analysis of different people’s postures and needs when riding a vehicle in different states, different distances and other different situations, combined with repeated experiments and tests in ergonomics, FF has developed an optimal scheme suitable for body weight distribution.

  The FF91 is equipped with a zero-gravity chair that allows passengers to ride in the most natural and comfortable way. The first-class rear seat can adjust the angle and support of legs, waist and back, and even the headrest is adjustable. The zero-gravity seat of FF91 has the functions of massage, heating and ventilation, and the inclination angle of the rear seat can reach 60-degree rear elevation angle, which is the maximum elevation angle that the rear seat of an automobile can reach so far.

  12. Intelligent interactive array light display system allows you to have a friendly dialogue with the environment.

Counting 12 dazzling technologies on FF production car FF 91

  FF 91 is the world’s first production car equipped with intelligent interactive lighting system. The most intuitive way to convey information to users is the biggest highlight of this system, such as welcome status display, charging status display, and automatic driving status prompt.

  For example, when the user approaches FF 91, the side skirt light group will start the user identity confirmation program, and the light brightness will also change according to the user distance. FF 91 can recognize and greet users. When the vehicle is in automatic driving mode, the vehicle will make intelligent prompts for pedestrians through the lighting system, which will greatly improve the safety performance.


  FF 91 combines these most advanced technological innovations and shocked the world. As Fu Yuwu, chairman of China Automotive Engineering Society, said, "There is indeed a new definition of automobile. For example, the display of aerodynamics and Internet technology is very profound, and the battery is the core. This understanding is very difficult to achieve, and the three arrows are in full swing. LeTV has no reason to be unsuccessful. "

  Perhaps an Internet eco-electric era is really coming.