Heart-wrenching hot search number one: a 15-year-old girl lost weight and died, and her weight was "as light as a quilt"

  Xiaoling is treated in the hospital (video screenshot)

  On the 24th, the topic #15-year-old girl lost only 24.8kg and died # made netizens cry. Xiaoling (pseudonym), a girl, developed from dieting to losing weight into anorexia nervosa, and eventually lost her life because of severe malnutrition, respiratory failure and deep coma.

  Experts pointed out that anorexia patients often have mental disorders in the front and abnormal behaviors in the back, while anorexia can lead to systemic problems, and solving emotional diseases is the key. Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter Xu Qianqian Lu Yanlin

  The sadness behind the first hot search … …

  The doctor was shocked when he took the CT scan: it was as light as lifting a quilt.

  One afternoon in March, the transfer center of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital received help from a hospital in Dongguan. Xiaoling (pseudonym), a 15-year-old girl, was severely malnourished and had respiratory failure, and she had lost consciousness.

  Xiaoling’s father, who was transferred to the hospital with the car, told the doctor that Xiaoling had not eaten anything for nearly 50 days since the third day of the new year, only drinking water. I was delirious at home last week and was rushed to hospital.

  Xiaoling is 165 cm tall and weighs only 24.8 kg. This weight is not even as good as that of some junior children.

  The doctor looked at Xiaoling carefully, but she didn’t breathe spontaneously at all, and her mouth was bleeding all the time. The biggest problem is that Xiaoling’s pupils are unequal and her reflection on light disappears. "This is a very bad signal", the pupil is controlled by the brain stem, and the pupil is unresponsive, which means that the brain stem has been damaged and may not wake up.

  After Xiaoling was transferred to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, she was immediately pushed to take a CT scan of her brain. As soon as the doctor passed, she was shocked: It’s so light, it feels like lifting a quilt.

  So thin, it’s really skin and bones. So that when I went to bed, the doctor repeatedly told me: be careful, slow down, especially be careful of fractures.

  Girls lose weight for love at first.

  Mom recalled that Xiaoling was the fattest when she was in the sixth grade, about 104 kg. When she entered junior high school, her family found that she was "conscious of losing weight". "She told us that she didn’t eat with oil, not at all."

  Mom said that according to classmates, Xiaoling has a crush on a boy, but that boy likes a girl thinner than her.

  Later, there was another "pusher" on the road to losing weight: the psychology of comparison. Once, Xiaoling saw another girl in the class eating only vegetables and decided that she was losing weight. Xiaoling can’t accept the fact that I am more beautiful than that classmate and have better grades than her, but she is thinner than me!

  Slowly, Xiaoling didn’t eat rice and staple food, and finally she didn’t eat at all but drank water. Dieting turned into a hunger strike.

  In the next year and a half, Xiaoling repeatedly fasted until she fell into a coma and her life was dying. When she was transferred to a hospital in Dongguan, her grandmother, who had brought her up in one hand, cried her heart out and refused to let her granddaughter get on the ambulance: "Don’t send her away, don’t let her die outside." This situation has made many people cry.

  Why did parents not intervene in advance?

  In fact, Xiaoling’s parents forced her to go to the hospital many times, but the first time she went to Xiaoling, she tried to jump out of the car and opened the door four or five times. When she arrived at the hospital, Xiaoling was forcibly dragged into the ward, so she hit her head with a shower and tried to jump out of the window … …

  There is another reason why parents are helpless. Xiaoling has anorexia nervosa, which is what we often hear. This disease is one of the mental diseases with the highest mortality rate, and even psychiatrists have to smell it.

  At first, Xiaoling’s father found many pictures of anorexia on the Internet to show her. "If you go on like this, you will get anorexia." But Xiaoling vowed: "Dad, don’t worry, I won’t get anorexia."

  After losing weight for one year and three months, Xiaoling found that she didn’t have her period and was taken to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital for examination by her parents. She was diagnosed as anorexia nervosa.

  Xiaoling’s mother said: "At first, she wanted to reduce her weight to more than 50 kilograms, but when she reached her fifties and sixties, she had no bottom line and only became thinner and thinner."

  Before being sent to hospital, he had suffered from 14 diseases.

  Before Xiaoling was transferred to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, there were 14 kinds of diseases in her body, all organs in her body were damaged or even failed, and her brain might never wake up.

  Xiaoling didn’t wake up at last. When the doctor told the parents "I tried my best to make a choice", my father choked: "I can’t bear to give up."

  After much consideration, my parents decided to let go, and finally my mother accompanied Xiaoling through the last journey … …

  After Xiaoling’s story boarded the hot search, it triggered a discussion among netizens.

  Some netizens said that health is the most important thing; More netizens feel that society should advocate healthy aesthetics.

  Connection expert

  Dieting to lose weight is difficult for many people to stick to for a long time, but once they get past that point, dieting becomes a hunger strike, and some symptoms of anorexia nervosa gradually appear, which is enough to make people turn pale. So how can we avoid anorexia caused by excessive weight loss?

  Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu News reporter connected relevant experts — —

  Anorexia patients often have mental disorders in the front and abnormal behaviors in the back.

  Wang Ting, director of the Department of Psychiatry, Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview that such diseases belong to mental and psychological diseases with eating disorders as the main factor. Patients have unusual ideas and "cruel and excessive" behaviors about their own weight and body shape. For teenagers, they usually appear at the same time with depression and bipolar disorder. "They are not satisfied with their weight, figure or appearance, and will do whatever it takes to try to prove themselves, and feel that they are doing it themselves. Therefore, there will be situations in which Xiaoling is unwilling to go to the hospital for treatment, resistance and self-harm. Modern research has suggested that changes in social culture, including aesthetics, peer induction and demonstration, and patients’ brain structure and function may be induced.

  Although the loss of life due to weight loss is a real case, there are not a few people who have "appearance anxiety" nowadays, and patients who have health problems after extreme weight loss are not uncommon. Miao Weifeng, chief physician of the Department of Spleen and Stomach Diseases of Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has received several patients with anorexia nervosa, which is regrettable. "In fact, many patients are already very thin. There is a 19-year-old girl, who is about 70 pounds tall and 6 meters tall, but she still has the idea of losing weight." Miao Weifeng recalled that there was another female patient who was going to be 60 years old. Because of anorexia, it was almost 10 years before and after seeing a doctor, and she was already in a state of severe malnutrition when she saw a doctor. "We later found that we gave her nutritional support during the treatment, but in order not to make herself fat, she even secretly dumped the nutrient solution we hung for her from the infusion pimp."

  At present, the etiology of anorexia nervosa has no clear mechanism, which is generally related to personality and environmental factors, and the genetic factors are not clear. Shen Diwen, deputy director of the Department of Medical Psychology, Nanjing Gulou Hospital, also said: "Patients with anorexia nervosa tend to pursue perfection, especially for their body shape and appearance. In addition to dieting, they may spit out what they have eaten by withholding and other methods. But in fact, when these behavioral abnormalities are found, it is often necessary to take compulsory measures to intervene and stop, and seek professional treatment from doctors. "

  Anorexia can lead to systemic problems, and solving emotional diseases is the key.

  Nutrition is not enough if you don’t eat, and emaciation is the most common manifestation. However, at this time, "emaciation" may not be regarded as beauty, but a pathological symptom. "There is a problem with emotions, which will have an impact on whether it can be digested or absorbed." Miao Weifeng told reporters that from the perspective of Chinese medicine theory, although the related symptoms of anorexia nervosa are mainly located in the spleen and stomach, it is actually closely related to the liver, heart and kidney, and it is a systemic disease.

  Miao Weifeng further explained that serious weight loss may cause many problems to the body, leading to abnormal hormone levels including sex hormones in the body. "Women are most likely to have menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea, which may affect fertility after a long time. For men, long-term malnutrition and nutritional disorders will also lead to systemic weakness. "

  At the same time, experts pointed out that there will be a lack of certain elements in severely malnourished people, which will also lead to other secondary diseases. "For example, vitamin B deficiency, aphtha and peripheral nerve inflammation may occur." Shen Diwen introduced that at present, the main treatment for anorexia nervosa is psychotherapy combined with antidepressant treatment. Psychotherapy refers to changing cognition to promote better positive behavior, while the latter mainly improves appetite demand by adjusting emotions and compulsion. In addition, nutritional therapy should be added when necessary to prevent malnutrition.

  Deformed "thinness is beauty" is not desirable. Losing weight by "fasting" without science will slowly devour you who are addicted.

  I hope Xiaoling’s tragedy will be seen by all those who want to lose weight. Don’t repeat the same mistakes and don’t make family and friends sad.